Carrie Underwood Teases Husband Mike Fisher About Turning 40 in New Birthday Video

Mike Fisher celebrates his 40th birthday on Friday, and his wife, Carrie Underwood, made sure to let all of her Instagram followers know by poking a little bit of fun at her other half. On Friday morning, Underwood used her Instagram Story to share a video of Fisher eating his birthday breakfast, pouring syrup onto his plate before his wife got in a little teasing.

"Hey, Happy Birthday, 40-year-old," she told him with a giggle. "What? Is that funny?" Fisher deadpanned. "Yeah!" Underwood replied. "Won't be in three years for me!" The "Cry Pretty" singer gave fans a closer look at her cooking in her next post, sharing a photo of two pieces of fluffy French toast sitting on a plate next to a handful of berries. "Made him his favorite breakfast... crockpot French toast," she captioned the yummy-looking snap.

mike birthday 2
(Photo: Instagram / Carrie Underwood)

Underwood and Fisher married in 2010 and share two sons, and the couple recently opened up about their relationship in their new I Am Second series, Mike and Carrie: God & Country. The four-part series has already aired its first two episodes, during which the famous pair discussed the differences in how they were raised, their connection to their faith, and their struggle to have a second child. This week's episode saw the couple speak candidly about the three miscarriages Underwood suffered before becoming pregnant with their son Jacob.

"It sounds wrong when you say it, but it's one of those 'bad things that happen to other people,' you know what I mean?" she said. "It's not something that you ever envision yourself having to deal with." After suffering three miscarriages, Underwood thought she was having a fourth and had an honest conversation with God. "I told him how I felt," she said. "I was hurt. I was a little angry. Of course, you feel guilty for being mad at your creator. And I told him I needed something. I needed, we needed to have a baby or not ever. I couldn't keep going down that road anymore." That pregnancy turned out to be successful, and Jacob was born in 2019.

Fisher shared that the struggle brought the couple closer not only to each other but to God. "So many times, you're on the mountaintops, and things are great, and sometimes those are the hardest times because you don't feel like you need God," he said through tears. "But then you go through the valleys and you actually really seek Him and His will, and that's when you learn and grow. He changes you; He changes our marriage for the better."