Carrie Underwood Reveals Surprising Perks of Being a Celebrity

Carrie Underwood is arguably one of the most famous faces in music, due to her start on American Idol and more than a dozen years of chart-topping hits. Now, the Oklahoma native is speaking out about her celebrity status, admitting there are some unexpected perks, including companies sending her plenty of free items.

"It's great. I'm not gonna lie," Underwood admitted on the Bobby Bones Show. "There was a post that Mike [Fisher] made, about an unfortunate hairstyle that I had once upon a time. I commented, 'Well, if you marry a girl from the South, you get a lifetime subscription to Elnett, which is hairspray.' And they sent me a giant case of hairspray. I gave some to my mom. I was like, 'There is no way I could ever use all of this hairspray.' It was awesome. I got some back-up hairsprays. I got one in every bathroom. That parts pretty cool."

After Underwood revealed her 3-year-old son, Isaiah, liked to play with real potatoes, he also got to cash in on the benefits of having a famous mom.

"He had like four [potatoes] that he would carry around everywhere. I had to, one by one, throw them in the trash, because they were getting funky," Underwood recalled. "And then one got a boo-boo, so we had to put a band-aid on it. It was a thing. But after I did that, the Mr. Potato Head company sent me some proper potatoes to play with. So I was like, 'Well that was nice of them!' Of course, now I have Mr. Potato Head parts all over my house that aren't with the potato."

Still, being instantly recognizable almost everywhere she goes does have its downside. The 35-year-old recalled a recent wedding she attended with Fisher, where they both drew the attention of fans.

(Photo: Instagram/carrieunderwood)

"To be honest, most of the people at the wedding we knew very well. It gets a little tricky if we don't know them," shared Underwood. "Obviously if they invite us to their wedding, we know them pretty well. Mike's known these people forever, and all the people in this town have known him forever, so I feel like they still treat us normally ... We were kind of in a more public place, and even though people weren't coming in to the wedding, there was a gaggle of people videotaping."

"Mike was in the wedding, so he was giving speeches and stuff," she adds. "They had their phones out from afar, and it was like, 'You wanna hear his best man speech to somebody else?'"


Underwood will kick off her Cry Pretty Tour 360 in May, after she gives birth to her second child. Her latest Cry Pretty album is available for purchase at

Photo Credit: Getty images/James Devaney