Carrie Underwood Sports Growing Baby Bump in Stylish Pink Dress

Carrie Underwood is beginning to step out and show off her baby bump ahead of her September album [...]

Carrie Underwood is beginning to step out and show off her baby bump ahead of her September album release.

The "Cry Pretty" singer recently sat down with CMT's Cody Alan for an interview before she kicks off her busy fall. Alan marked the occasion with a photo alongside Underwood.

The American Idol winner is decked out in an all-pink ensemble consisting of a Monika Chiang high-heels and silver Anuja Tolia Jewelry. The dress is accented with silver beads to give it a fashion-forward look.

(Photo: Instagram / @codyalan)

Underwood's baby bump is just barely visible, but it shows that she's well on her way to welcoming baby number two.

In the interview itself, Underwood dished on several aspects of her pregnancy, including her son Isaiah's reaction to the news.

She began her story by explaining that Isaiah, 3, did not quite believe that babies came from their mother's bellies.

"He's kind of been around us talking about it, but I just wanted to be careful not to confuse him," Underwood said. "I've had friends around me that have been super pregnant, and they've been like, 'There's a baby in there,' but he's like 'No there's not!' He doesn't really believe. But then my best friend had her baby and it's like 'Remember? She was just in there and now she's right here.'"

With that lesson out of the way, Underwood figured her reveal would be a bit smoother. In fact, she momentarily even thought Isaiah had figured it out on his own.

"I started getting more full in the mid-section. I was in a swimsuit 'cause we were hanging out with some friends at the lake. He was just sitting there looking at my belly, and he starts squishing it with his hands," Underwood said. "And I'm like 'Oh, this is awesome.' I thought he was about to go in and kiss it. I thought it was was about to be the sweetest moment. Somehow he knows. I'm like 'My kid's a genius!' and then he literally goes in and like blows on my belly."

She continues, "All of the sudden [he's] back to being 3."

Underwood then broke the news herself and answered some burning questions the little guy had along the way.

"Then I was like, 'There's a baby in there,' and he was just super sweet about it," Underwood said. "He was a little confused, not really knowing how that got there. I just told him 'God put it there,' and we accepted that answer. He's just gonna be a good big brother. He's a good little guy."

Carrie Underwood's upcoming album, Cry Pretty, will be released on Friday, Sept. 14.

Fashion credits: Monika Chiang shoes / Anuja Tolia Jewelry