Carrie Underwood's Sons Help Her Take Care of Their Chickens

Carrie Underwood and husband Mike Fisher share two young sons, Isaiah, 5, and Jacob, who will turn 2 in January, and the family has been turning to the outdoors to help keep themselves entertained while at home during the coronavirus pandemic this year. During a recent interview with Today Parents, Underwood shared a few of the activities she participates in with her sons, including feeding the family's chickens.

"We have chickens and they'll [Isaiah and Jacob will] go down and help us feed the chickens and collect the eggs," she said. "We'll go down and feed our horses and go fishing." Along with taking care of the family's animals, Isaiah also helps his mom in her garden, an activity Underwood has had a lot more time for this year.

"Isaiah has been helping me in the garden," the singer shared. "That's a new kind of hobby I've picked up and he's been doing a great job helping me."

In general, time outside has been beneficial for the Fisher family. "We've been getting outdoors a lot, which has been great," Underwood said. "I feel like I haven't been in one place this long in the past 15 years at least, so the silver lining is that we've had a lot of family time."

Isaiah has also become a fan of crafting, though his mom admitted she doesn't feel the same way. "We've — uh — had our fill of crafts," Underwood cracked. "I'm the least crafty person. He wants me to help him and I'm like, I cannot draw. I can glue stuff? Or cut stuff out? But that's about the extent of my craftiness."


The Grammy winner further opened up about her gardening hobby on an episode of Connected with Kelly, sharing that she is now able to harvest her own produce and that her garden has "been a good stress manager this year."

"I got more into gardening. I had a garden. Last year was my first year to have a garden," she said. "But I didn't get out in it myself as much as I would have liked. This year it was so much more me. I got to be out there every single day and pull weeds and work. There's something so satisfying about being like 'I'm going to go get dinner' and you go out to the garden. Right now I have kale and spinach and stuff in the garden. It's such a nice thing."