Carrie Underwood Reacts After Fan Mistakes Reese Witherspoon for Her

Building one another up! Carrie Underwood couldn't be more flattered after Reese Witherspoon tweeted that she had been mistaken for the country star by a fan. The "Cry Pretty" singer responded incredulously after the actress recounted her experience on social media Sunday.

"To the woman in the parking lot who just asked me if I was Carrie Underwood : You officially made my day!" Witherspoon wrote, adding a smiley face encircled by hearts. The American Idol alum was quick to respond that the interaction made her "whole life."

On top of that, the woman who allegedly mistook Witherspoon for Underwood then took to TikTok and Twitter to recount her starstruck side of the story. "OK, so craziest things just happened. I'm with my husband eating at a BBQ place and I swear I see a lady with her husband and kid," the TikTok user Noha Hamid said in the video. "I'm like, that looks just like a celebrity and I'm trying to think who... and I'm like, 'Who? Carrie Underwood?'"

The woman continued that because the Legally Blonde actress was wearing a cowboy hat and mask, she couldn't quite recognize her. "So I wait until she goes back to her car so I can ask her, not in front of everyone, to blow her cover," she continued. "And then she goes, 'Hey, no I'm not Carrie Underwood but have a great day.'"

She also responded to the actress on Twitter: "OMGGGG! That was ME. Haha, I swear when I walked away I was like wait, that was totally Reese Witherspoon! I could barely see your face cause the mask and hat but I knew you looked so familiar haha. I LOVE YOU [Reese Witherspoon]."


Fans of both the stars were quick to note how similar they do look. "You two could be sisters. Both gorgeous and great women!" one person replied. "One beautiful talented woman mistaken for another beautiful talented woman, who would be upset about that?" another added.

Others thought the wholesome interaction between stars was a perfect example of what the world needs. "Wow! Sometimes I think I’m done with social media. Then, I see posts like this and I stick around. Thanks for being a good example of how to support each other," one person wrote. Another user chimed in, "Beautiful women supporting and building each other up!"