Carrie Underwood Jokingly Threatens to Unfollow Husband Mike Fisher Over His Latest Song

Like many of us, Mike Fisher is no match for Carrie Underwood when it comes to singing, but the former NHL star occasionally tried his hand at music all in the name of service to his hunting apparel company, Catchin' Deers.

Last week, Fisher posted a music video of himself singing a parody of Lonestar's "Maybe I'm Amazed" with lyrics rewritten to be about a buck, though it seems his wife wasn't a huge fan of the musical choice.

"Don't make me unfollow you," Underwood joked in the comments of the clip, which saw Fisher enthusiastically singing while wearing camouflage and, at one point, holding a pair of antlers.

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Fisher has previously demonstrated his passion for singing with videos for Catchin' Deers including a parody of his wife's massive hit "Before He Cheats," which Fisher changed to "Before She Bleats." That song details a hunter tracking a buck and managing to get a shot off after he hears a bleat, which is an actual bleat from a deer rather than a human imitation.

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Underwood released a music video of her own this week, sharing the clip for her newest single, "Drinking Alone," which is a sultry story of two brokenhearted people sharing a drink at a bar.

"I had the title, just 'Drinking Alone,' and was writing with Brett James and David Garcia that day," the Oklahoma native said on The Ty Bentli Show. "Brett was like, 'I feel like we could do something more with that. What if it was like, 'drinking alone together?' I was like, 'Ooh, I like it,' so we ran with it, and tried to put together this whole storyline.

"I didn't want it to be like, 'We meet up at a bar and go home together,' because that's not me, on any level, and I couldn't relate to telling that story very well," she continued. "So it was so much about both getting over somebody. We're just here. This is nothing, but let's just be miserable together, and just forget about all of that and have this fun night right here in this moment, and after that, peace out. Not a thing. It still remained kind of fun and innocent, in a drinking way. We're drinking.'"


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