Carly Pearce on Sophomore Album: 'I'm More Settled in Who I Am'

Carly Pearce is almost done with her sophomore album! The 29-year-old revealed the record, which will be out later this year, will be much more personal than her freshman Every Little Thing, released in 2017.

"A lot has happened to me since I recorded my first record," Pearce told "I feel like a lot of those songs that I recorded and that I wrote were just a girl who was searching and was trying to find her way. I will always be so attached to that project, but I think that I've just evolved and matured, and fell in love and found myself more. And just more settled in who I am. I think that you'll hear that in my songs, and hear that in my voice, and hear that in the production."

While Pearce doesn't have an exact date for her new set of tunes to be released, she does give a general goal for when she will have it in the hands of her fans.

"I know that it's going to be out by the end of the year," promised Pearce, adding that she hoped to have it out by fall. "We're looking on going in next week to finish it. It is getting very, very close to being finished. All of the songs are recorded. It's just a matter of me putting my vocals on it."

Although the Kentucky native knows there is still more work to be done, she admits she is getting impatient to share it with others.

"I'm really getting excited about that and ready to share it," said Pearce. "I'm getting antsy."

When asked if she was at all nervous about sharing so much of herself with her loyal followers, she acknowledged she was a little apprehensive as well.

"I'm obviously afraid of just – I feel very confident, but you know, a second record can really change the game for you either way," Pearce conceded. "I just hope that my kind of evolution is well received, which I really think that it will be, because it's still me at my core. I feel good about it though."


Pearce is nominated for a CMT Music Award, for Female Video of the Year, for "Closer to You," which features a cameo by her future husband, Michael Ray. Pearce is currently opening for Jason Aldean on his Ride All Night Tour. Find dates at

Photo Credit: Getty Images/ Slaven Vlasic