Carly Pearce Shares Her Perfect Day in Nashville With Michael Ray

With two busy careers, Carly Pearce and Michael Ray don't get a lot of downtime together, but when they do, Pearce knows exactly how she likes to spend their day, even if Ray doesn't necessarily agree with all of it.

"We like a little restaurant called Nectar.," Pearce told Nashville Lifestyles. "We like Barcelona. Once in a while if we're celebrating we'll go to Oak Steakhouse or Kayne Prime. And we love True Food Kitchen. I like to convince him that it's a good day to go to the Green Hills Mall or go get our nails done and have a girls' day."

"But that doesn't happen," Ray interjected, with Pearce insisting, "That does happen."

Perhaps shopping and nails isn't Ray's ideal day, but they do agree that when they are not touring, they both like staying close to home.

"We really like to go to Publix," Pearce said. "We like to go work out. We like to drink wine and grill out at home. We spend a lot of time out on the road, so we like to have dinner at home."

"We like to watch Netflix," continued Ray. "And once in a while I try to pop up with some spontaneous idea to go do something. I have a Jeep that we like to ride in whenever it's nice weather out."

Pearce and Ray got engaged in December of 2018, during a getaway to Tulum, Mexico with Pearce's parents. While the "I Hope You're Happy Now" singer knew from their first date that Ray was The One, she had no idea he would propose while on vacation, even though several of her famous friends had an inkling that he would.

"I was on a flight two days prior with Runaway June and those girls made a bet that I was getting engaged in Tulum," Pearce recalled. "Then I hung out the next morning with Kelsea [Ballerini] and Maren [Morris] and they were like, 'You're getting engaged in Tulum.' I was like, 'No way!' Michael's so romantic, but he's also so one-of-a-kind in the way that he likes to do surprises and do things for people, so just proposing to me on a beach felt too predictable, and that was too predictable. [laughs]

"But renting out a balcony and an entire, what I thought was a wedding ceremony getting built at our hotel, and having a mariachi band, a special dinner, and a photographer…now that sounds more like Michael," she added.

Pearce's self-titled sophomore album is out now. Order via her website.


Photo Credit: Courtesy of FlyteVu