Carly Pearce Reflects on Sacrifices Her Supportive Parents Made for Her Career

Carly Pearce has accomplished so much in her life already. After quitting school to get a job at [...]

Carly Pearce has accomplished so much in her life already. After quitting school to get a job at Dollywood as a teenager, Pearce has risen to be one of the leading women in country music, with her second album in the works, and an upcoming headlining tour – none of which would have been possible without the support of her adoring parents.

"My parents really sacrificed so many things, both in their personal lives and just in their marriage, to make sure that I was able to get this shot," Pearce told "I think as I get older, the more I'm appreciative of all of those sacrifices. They still travel eight hours to come and see just one show, to see me sing. They were just with me a couple nights ago, and just to get to watch them from the crowd, and think about all of the times that they watched when they were two of four people in the crowd, it's definitely cool to have them along the journey."

Pearce might love spending time with her parents, but this Christmas she will be with her boyfriend, Michael Ray, and his family in Florida. The couple, who went public with their relationship in July, share their sweet romance all over social media, unafraid to show that aspect of their personal lives with their fans.

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"I've been very quiet with my relationships in the past, and there's a reason for that," Pearce explained. "I think I never really was sure of something, until I met Michael. I've known him for a long time, but there was just something different. And just like I feel I take you on a journey in all of my stories in my music, this is a really big part of what is making me really happy right now, and I want people to be a part of that and to share in that."

"He just so happens to do the same thing," she added. "It makes it interesting and fun, and great, but we want people to be able to share in it with us, because we're really happy."

Pearce's latest single, "Closer to You," is from her upcoming new record, and reflects her relationship with Ray. Following their Christmas break, Pearce will head out on the road with Russell Dickerson, on their co-headlining The Way Back Tour. Find dates at

Photo Credit: Getty images/Taylor Hill