Carly Pearce Hints at New Business Ventures Outside of Music

Carly Pearce is pursuing her music career full-time, but there are other business ventures she is also interested in. The "Closer to You" singer reveals she is looking to artists like Carrie Underwood, Trisha Yearwood and more, as she considers opportunities beyond just her music.

"I think the reason that you see so many musicians and artists in our genre do it is because it's just another way of creativity and creating things," Pearce said, speaking about artists who launch other careers. "I always loved to cook, especially when I moved out and just had my own kitchen and would love to do something.

"I look at Trisha [Yearwood] and [Little Big Town's] Kimberly [Schlapman] and how homey their shows are," she continued, "and I would love to do that but also mix the way that Carrie has her own fitness line and try to do something that was based around clean eating and something that had elements of fitness and what I like and things like that in there."

Pearce is into both working out and eating well, a passion she thankfully shares with her future husband, Michael Ray.

"Today is your day babe, and I can't wait to celebrate you and spoil you not only today but everyday for the rest of our lives!" Ray wrote to Pearce on social media, on her 29th birthday. "Now let's go eat some grilled chicken after we leave the gym, walk around town and drink wine, and play a sold out show tonight together and let me shower you with love. I hope today is everything you want it to be honey. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE! I LOVE YOU!"

Whether at home or on the road, Pearce makes it a point to stay in shape, doing whatever she can to look and feel her best.

"I'm a huge runner, and I really am a good eater," Pearce told "I eat really clean and try to really take care of myself and drink a lot of water and get a lot of sleep."

The Kentucky native also works out with trainer to the stars, Erin Oprea, as much as she can.


"They're intense," Pearce admitted of the workouts. "I do FaceTime or Skype workouts, and sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. It's really hard to align schedules, but I definitely do as much as I can."

Photo Credit: Getty images/Allen Berezovsky