Carly Pearce Drops New Track, 'Call Me,' From Self-Titled Sophomore Record

Good news, Carly Pearce fans! The singer just dropped a new song, "Call Me," from her upcoming, self-titled sophomore album, due out on Feb. 14. The song feels like new territory for Pearce, with a sultry, R&B feel, along with slightly suggestive lyrics, which Pearce effortlessly nails.

Although Pearce didn't write the song, with lines like, "For a good time, call me / Whatever you want, that's all me / Yeah, I could be that somebody / That you're gonna hold tonight," the song could have been written by her, since she made the first move with her now-husband, Michael Ray.

"From the minute [Busbee] sent me this song that he wrote with my gal [Emily Shackleton] and the boys from [Little Big Town], I knew I had to cut it," Pearce posted on Instagram. "Gimme alllll the sass, because after all.... I DID slide into [Michael Ray's] DM's .... CALL ME IS OUT NOW!"

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Busbee produced Pearce's upcoming project, which was his last full album he produced before he passed away from brain cancer.

"No one knew," Pearce told American Songwriter, speaking of Busbee's brain cancer. "He had some signs of forgetfulness, but then he had the seizure in July and nine weeks later, he was dead. This is the last full record he turned in. He turned it in ten days before he had the seizure."

Pearce, who is currently at radio with "I Hope You're Happy Now" with Lee Brice, also shared "It Won't Always Be Like This" from her upcoming record –– a song that was a favorite of Busbee.

"Busbee thought this song was really special from the beginning," Pearce recalled. "Everyone in the studio could just feel it. And just by coincidence, Busbee's brother was in Nashville visiting him while we were working on this song. They had had a rocky relationship in the past and I remember the song bringing him to tears. He was just so touched by this song."


The 29-year-old wrapped up 2019 by taking a belated honeymoon with Ray, following their October nuptials. In addition to releasing her new record in 2020, Pearce also has several shows scheduled throughout the year. Pre-order Carly Pearce and find tour dates on her website.

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