Canaan Smith on Celebrating New Year's Eve: 'There is No Hangover Cure'

Canaan Smith has learned at least one important lesson over the years: what to drink and, more importantly, what not to drink to toast in the New Year.

"There is no hangover cure," says Smith. "The older I get I'm like, 'Oh God! What am I thinking?' It's terrible. Hangovers are awful. Tequila's the worst. I try to stay away from Tequila, because it hurts me bad. I used to be a whiskey guy. I still am every now and then, but of late, I'm domestic, American beer, just something light and tasty."

The singer-songwriter might like to have a good time, both on and off stage, but even he knows his limits.

"Shots are my worst enemy," says the 35-year-old. "When I start working shots into the picture, that's when I know I'm gonna hurt the next morning. I just try to keep it the same, whether it's whiskey or beer or whatever, I just stick with that same drink the whole night long, you know?"


Smith's freshman album, Bronco, included the No. 1 single, "Love You Like That," and the Top 25 hit, "Hole in a Bottle." His last two singles, "Like You That Way" and "This Night Back," are both from an upcoming sophomore record.