Cade Foehner Tributes 'Greatest Friend and Mama' Gabby Barrett on Mother's Day

Gabby Barrett and husband Cade Foehner welcomed their daughter Baylah May in January, making Sunday Barrett's first Mother's Day as a mom. The American Idol alum shared a black and white photo of Barrett and Baylah May on a plane, Barrett holding her daughter up to the window so she could lookout.

"Oh! Dear woman, greatest friend, and mama of our home thank you for being ours!" Foehner wrote in his caption. "Thank you for countless hours of diapers, meals, wiping tears from our faces, and for binding every work of yours in love. I consider it the highest privilege to be your ol man, and by gosh, I plan on giving you my whole life if it kills me because you deserve so much more than this worm of a man. May Christ bless our days together. Happy Mama's day Mrs. Foehner!"

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On her own page, Barrett posted a photo of Baylah May lying on a blanket in the grass along with a photo of herself pregnant and another snap of a pregnancy test, using her caption to write a letter to her "sweet little girl."

"Oh Baylah May, how you have flipped my world completely upside down in such a small amount of time," she began. "You're almost 4 months old now. Little did I know, I could fall in love with another human as fast as I did you. Time is flying and it's hard to describe how amazing it is to see you grow and come into your own."

Barrett recalled finding out she was pregnant "and wanting to fast forward already so that you'd be here." "To see whose features you have, to hear your voice, your giggle. What your name would be, what your personality would be like," she wrote. "All the wonderful attributes you would have. What a privilege it was to be able to grow you in my tummy."


"I miss feeling you move around, but you being earthside has been a new kind of joy," she continued. "The concept 'dying to thy self' in the Christian life has become so evident since becoming a mother. And I couldn't be more grateful to Our Lord and your daddy for giving me you. Happy Mother's Day to ALL mothers. Sending my love to you especially today."