Brittany Aldean Says She Had 'the Baby Blues' After Welcoming Daughter Navy

Jason Aldean and wife Brittany Aldean welcomed their second child together, daughter Navy, in February, and Brittany opened up about how she felt after giving birth in a candid Instagram post on Tuesday.

The mom of two used the platform to share a quote encouraging people not to turn down meaningful experiences with friends and family in the name of losing weight and wrote that "it really resonates" with her.

"Those extra 5-10 pounds, that place where your body wants to be-that's your life," the quote read. "Those extra 5-10 pounds are your spontaneity, your freedom, your love."

(Photo: Instagram / @brittanyaldean)

In her caption, Brittany wrote that women are often hard on themselves when it comes to their bodies, an experience she herself is familiar with.

"We are all hard on ourselves," she began. "Trying to snap back after babies, not enjoying certain things for fear of not having that beach body or trying to keep up with the girl on social media. I'm guilty of it too. Ohhhhh so guilty. But this. This really resonates with me."

The 32-year-old explained that after giving birth to her daughter, she experienced what she called "the baby blues" and decided to forgo a prescription for antidepressants and work on her mental health with a healthy lifestyle.

"After I had Navy I definitely had the baby blues... I was just down. An unexplainable sad feeling," she wrote. "I was prescribed anti depressants by my amazing doctor but decided to try a few alternative methods first by working out and eating better... thinking happy thoughts, daily. It was a choice I made and ended up coming out of the slump I was in. After all, god blessed me with two healthy, precious babies. What's there to not be happy about?!"

Brittany concluded her message by reflecting on the difficulties of motherhood and letting her followers know that what you see on Instagram isn't everything.

"It's all hard, though. Being a mom... shoot, life is just hard sometimes," she shared. "Just want y'all to know we all struggle. There's things not seen on Instagram... things that go on in real life people don't see.... so just know you aren't alone!! You ARE enough. EAT THAT CUPCAKE, GIRLFRIEND! You deserve it."

She also responded to one fan who wrote that they had just given birth two weeks ago and is "so feeling the blues."


"You're [sic] post described my life at this moment," they continued, to which Brittany replied, "it WILL get better!"

Photo Credit: Instagram / @brittanyaldean