Brett Eldredge's Favorite Christmas Tradition Involves Alcohol

Brett Eldredge keeps a pretty strict diet – and a pretty rigid workout schedule – until the holidays roll around. At Christmas, the Illinois native reveals he has a hard time saying no to a few of his favorite things, including his favorite alcohol-infused dessert.

"I have really good willpower when it comes to eating except my aunt, all my aunts really," Eldredge shared with at a recent media event. "When I go back home, [they] are all incredible cooks and bakers and so, I let loose a little bit. I try to behave. but I think usually, it changes every year. My aunt makes amazing cheesecakes, so I go for that. The sweets will get you every once in a while. Corn pudding, like or a corn casserole kind of thing, that always gets me. And, the Brandy Alexander, which is ice cream with brandy in it. Is it's probably my favorite Christmas family tradition."

Eldredge loves everything about Christmas, including Christmas music. The 32-year-old released the deluxe version of his 2016 holiday Glow album this year, which includes an a cappella version of "The First Noel."

"I love Christmas music," he told "It is a huge passion of mine and this record has a classic feel to it that I always wanted to make, and these new songs that we recorded for Glow are really special. I just can't for everybody to hear it."

This year, Eldredge promises the holiday festivities will include presents for his beloved dog, Edgar, who travels with Eldredge all year long.

"We go back home to Illinois, which is exciting because he gets to run out in the country and go crazy," Eldredge noted. "You get to hang the bulbs for the tree not as low, so he doesn't try to eat them cause he thinks they're tennis balls or something. So, that was a little bit of a problem in the beginning, when I first got ornaments and stuff but now he's pretty well trained. Just trying not to let him terrorize Christmas too much but I love him anyway so it's all good."

Eldredge is used to having Edgar by his side, especially when he crosses the country on tour, which makes the singer feel less lonely when away from home.

"It's pretty awesome to have him out on the road and share life with him," Eldredge said. "It makes life better having a pup by your side — these lonely miles that you travel sometimes aren't so lonely when you got Edgar Boogie by your side. I love having him there. He makes life a lot of fun and I love that my fans have connected with him so much."


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Photo Credit: Getty images/John Shearer