Brett Eldredge Comments on 'Human-Like' Dog, Edgar

Brett Eldredge has admitted he is incredibly fond of his dog, Edgar, who even has his own version of a video of Eldredge's current single, "Love Someone." In fact, Eldredge is such a fan of his beloved pup, he sometimes forgets the dog isn't a real person.

"It's a crazy thing," Eldredge told ABC. "He's a very human-like dog. He's one of those dogs that just has a personality ... And he sits up in the driver's seat on the tour bus, and it looks like he's gonna drive it, when it's parked."

Edgar is even becoming just as famous as his dad, which the singer realizes every night he takes the stage.

"There's so many signs in the crowd for that dog every night," Eldredge said. "So I put a treat on his nose, and he flips it off his nose and catches it in his mouth. People go crazy!"

Eldredge might perform in front of sold-out crowds night after night, but he admits he gets lonely in between concerts, which is why he's so grateful for Edgar.

"This is my first dog ever," the Illinois native told "My whole life growing up, I wanted a dog and I could never quite convince my family to get one. So I just decided one day when the time seemed right that I would get a pup and bring it out on the road and have a good buddy."

"I get off stage singing in front of thousands of people and then I get on my bus from all that energy and then nobody's there," he continued. "So having him on the bus when I get off stage and all that affection and love is great. You have a buddy that is always there for you. That's what Edgar is for me. It's pretty awesome."

Eldredge's four-legged family member goes everywhere with him, including while the 32-year-old's The Long Way Tour.

"It's pretty awesome to have him out on the road and share life with him," Eldredge told "It makes life better having a pup by your side — these lonely miles that you travel sometimes aren't so lonely when you got Edgar Boogie by your side. I love having him there. He makes life a lot of fun and I love that my fans have connected with him so much."

Edgar has his own Instagram account, which can be found here. Find a list of all of his owner's upcoming shows at


Photo Credit: Instagram/bretteldredge