Brantley Gilbert Admits He Is a 'Little Tough' On His Son Ahead of Birth of Daughter

Brantley Gilbert and his wife, Amber, will soon welcome a little girl, who will join big brother Barrett at home. Although Gilbert's daughter isn't due until September, the Georgia native already knows he will likely parent his two children very differently.

"With my little boy, I never saw any of those changes coming, and man I'm head over heels for him," Gilbert shared recently with and other media. "With her I already told my wife she'll probably have to be a little harder on the little girl than I will be. I have to put a lot of effort in kind of being a little tough on my son, and some of you may not like the way that sounds, but I'm telling you right now, my son has me in him and he needs some direction. It's one of those things I'm having to treat a lot of the down road stuff, like a bridge we're going to cross when we get there.

"I'll drive myself nuts with it. I figure I've got 14 - 15 good years left before prison," he added with a laugh. "But right now we're just praying for happy and healthy. All my buddies around me, a lot of them have daughters and are telling me, 'Man, you're going to be wrapped around her finger.' And you know, God saw fit to put her in our lives so I'm going to be her dad and that's going to be my number one priority."

The singer native credits Amber with helping him out in almost every area of his life, and is cherishing the time they get to spend together before their second child arrives.

"I got a beautiful little baby boy that God blessed me with and a beautiful wife that God blessed me with," Gilbert told "She doesn't take no crap off of me. We have a happy home life and we still go on dates and stuff. We just now got to the point – we're pretty excited, [because] he's not nursing now, so mom and dad can actually go out, and go on dates. Dad gets some attention."


Gilbert is spending much of the next several months on the road, performing at fairs and festivals and as part of his Not Like Us Tour. Find a list of all of his upcoming dates at

Photo Credit: Getty images / Alberto E. Rodriguez