Brad Paisley Is 'Figuring out a New Path' With Upcoming Album

Brad Paisley has released 12 studio albums, including his latest Love and War, released in 2017, but the country star is still willing to try new things.

The West Virginia native is working on his next record, which will include his current single, "My Miracle," and he promises it won't be like anything he has done in the past.

"I've been working with Dann Huff on this new stuff a lot," Paisley revealed on Electric Barnyard. This new song that we just gave you is produced by Dann Huff and Luke Wooten. That's an added element, because Dann is a guitar player, so guitar-wise, I feel like I'm focusing in on that in a way that I haven't in the past as an additional voice, if that makes any sense.

"Like on this song, on 'My Miracle,' I feel like the guitar is a secondary lyric almost to this track," he continued. "The guitar is a big part of it. It's sort of speaking in between the lines a little bit. In that sense, there's a lot of room for me there. I've done a lot of guitar things over the years, but it's fun to figure out a new path on that."

Paisley previously released his single, "Bucked Off," from his next record. In an era where more and more artists, like Rascal Flatts, are choosing to release singles instead of full projects, Paisley says he isn't willing to go with that trend, at least not anytime soon.

"There will be an album," Paisley promised. "These will go on an album. I'm actually in the middle of it. I've recorded practically enough for an album at this point, but it's a matter of what takes shape, what path you take, but I see this as part of one. I still think they're important. I think they matter, even though people like to eat these one bit at a time, I still think we have to give them a full meal."

Paisley's "My Miracle," was written about his wife, actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley, although she may not have liked the song as much as Paisley hoped.

"She's my harshest critic, so she had some notes," quipped the singer.

Paisley will head out on his World Tour in May, with Chris Lane and Riley Green serving as his opening acts. Find dates at his official website.

Download "My Miracle" on iTunes.