Billy Ray Cyrus Reveals Photo of Wife Tish With Massive Bags of Marijuana

Billy Ray Cyrus shared a photo of his wife Tish alongside a vault overflowing with massive bags of marijuana Friday.

"Yes! Like I said yesterday @TishCyrus.... my how the times they are a changing #CrAzYMaMa," Cyrus wrote.

The 57-year-old singer shared a photo of Tish holding a bouquet with marijuana leaves on Valentine's Day, the day before he shared the vault picture.

"What? And I had to be a closet smoker for 40 years? Once had to buy @TishCyrus a car just because she smelled it on me," Cyrus wrote.

While on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in December, Cyrus' daughter, singer Miley Cyrus, said her parents smoke weed on a regular basis.

"My mom's a big stoner," Miley said. "I remember when I started smoking weed. I mean, she thought I was growing little horns and just becoming the devil, but now she smokes more pot than anyone I know."

Miley continued, "I'll call her on the phone and I'll tell her, 'I know there is a doobie on your lap' and she'll be like, 'O.K., I gotta go smoke this with your dad.'"

The "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" singer said her parents usually play with their hummingbirds while smoking. She called it their "little magic time."

"Actually, it's very sweet — they smoke together and they play with their hummingbirds," Miley said. "But hummingbirds are very small and very fast. (These hummingbirds) are really slow now because dad overfeeds them."

Curiously enough, Miley had quit using marijuana for a year, but she told The Sun in December Tish got her back into it.

"We toke a little. Every now and then, you know," Miley said. "My mom got me back on it. When I'm just working I don't think I function at my highest, most intelligent, most being-able-to-be-as-aware-and-as-present, so I don't smoke when I work."

Miley also told Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM radio show her mother "smokes a lot of weed" and was even considering launching her own "weed company."

Miley walked the red carpet at the Grammys with her parents since her husband, actor Liam Hemsworth, was not feeling well. The Isn't It Romantic actor was reportedly suffering from kidney stones and had to skip press events for the film. Miley attended the movie's premiere in his place.


"Sorry I couldn't make it to the @isntitromantic premier tonight guys. Been dealing with some pretty annoying health stuff the last couple days," Hemsworth wrote on Instagram. "Lucky I have the best girl in the world to represent for me. Thanks for the support babe! I hope everyone enjoys the movie! It's a perfect Valentine's Day flick so if ya ain't got nothin better to do then go see it! Love to all!"

Photo credit: Amy Sussman/FilmMagic