'American Idol': Luke Bryan Says Katy Perry Will Be an 'Amazing Mom'

The new season of American Idol kicked off on Sunday, Feb. 16, putting Luke Bryan alongside Katy Perry and Lionel Richie, for the show's third season on ABC. Perry is also in the middle of juggling wedding details with her future husband, Orlando Bloom, and even though Bryan and Richie are not invited to the wedding, Bryan is still praising Perry for her upcoming role as a wife, and hopefully a mom.

"She's going to be a blast to have as a mom," Bryan told PEOPLE. "I couldn't imagine growing up in her household. Even when I talk about me and my kids, she's checking out how I juggle the kids. We'll see one day if it ever happens how she'll respond, but I know she's going to be an amazing mom."

Bryan and his wife, Caroline, have been married for 13 years, which is why he is offering advice to the upcoming newlyweds.

"Her and Orlando, they have a fun relationship and I think that's very critical," Bryan acknowledged. "Keep the relationship fun. My wife and I try to do that. If life gets busy and we get in a funk and we realize we haven't talked to each other in a while, no matter how mad you make each other, try and communicate."

This isn't the first time Bryan has praised Perry and Bloom for their relationship. He previously spoke out about their romance, and why he believed their relationship was meant to last.

"Obviously her and Orlando have been dating a while. I am so excited for them," Bryan told PEOPLE. "It's funny, I come back to the country world and everybody is like, 'How's Katy Perry?' I'm like, 'She's the coolest chick on the planet. She's a dude in a girl's body. She's a great person with a great heart.'"

No word yet on when Perry, who was formerly married to Russell Brand, will tie the knot. The couple postponed their original plans, due to scheduling conflicts. A new date has yet to be announced.


Bryan will hit the road later this year on his Proud to Be Here Tour, with Morgan Wallen, Runaway June and Caylee Hammack serving as his opening acts. His Born Here, Live Here, Die Here album will be released on April 24. Find tour dates and record details by visiting his website.

Photo Credit: Getty / Paula Lobo