Abby Anderson Is Ready to Make Her Mark in Country Music

Abby Anderson lights up a room when she walks in. From her contagious laugh, to her magnetic energy, she is an undeniably beautiful soul with a voice of gold.

Anderson may shine bright, but like most girls, she's had her heart broken a time or two. One specifically inspired the lyrics behind her song "I'm Good."

"I got my heart broke real bad — which is a great motive behind any song," Anderson told, shrugging it off with a laugh. "So I'm very thankful for that whole experience because it gave me lots of songs."

"This kid broke my heart real bad then wanted to get back together with me," she continued. "He texted me, and the first thought I had was, 'You know what? I'm good buddy, I don't really need you.'"

The next day, Anderson sat down and pieced the lyrics together, one of a handful of songs Anderson is already gaining notoriety for, including "Make Him Wait" and "Dance Away My Broken Heart."

The Texas native always knew she wanted to entertain. In fact, she sped up her schooling process just so she could make the leap to Nashville, Tennessee where she currently resides.

"I literally went home one day and told my dad, 'I've decided I'm going to homeschool,'" Anderson recalled. "'I'm moving to Nashville when I'm 18.'"

Anderson reached that decision while sitting in her class during her freshman year of high school.

"[My dad] was the one who actually suggested I could probably finish it a lot earlier if I worked real hard," she said. "I ended up moving out when I was 17."

Determined as ever, Anderson made the move, and it's panned out well for her. Since then, she's climbed the ladder and earned herself the title of CMT's Next Women of Country 2018.

"A lot of those girls who were chosen too are my friends, so it was cool to be side-by-side with my girlfriends who I know are hustling just as hard as I am and to be in the same class as them was quite the honor."

Anderson gained even more exposure and experience when opening up for Brett Eldgredge during his 2018 fall tour.

"If anyone follows him on social media, he is exactly the same person," Anderson boasted. "He's the most genuine, kind, humble human, and it was just such a blessing to be able to learn from him."

Anderson grew up listening to artist like Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton and Ray Charles, and is already making her mark in country music, but make no mistake, she brings her own flair and style to not just her music but her day-to-day fashion.

Growing up as one of seven siblings — with six of them girls and the youngest a boy — Anderson knows her fashion choices looked a little different than her sisters, but she remains committed to maintaining her own unique style, both on and off stage.

(Photo: Instagram/abbyandersonmusic)

"For the longest time I tried to wear what [my sisters] wore but it just didn't look good on me," she admitted. "So my mom showed me a picture of J-Lo and she was like, 'Hey, do you see how she dresses? She's a little curvy, you gotta find the things that suit you, you know?'"


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Photo Credit: Paul Morigi