Nashville Tornado: Ryan Hurd Tweets About 'Terrifying Night' Away From Wife Maren Morris While out of Town

It was a terrifying night for Ryan Hurd, who was on the road when the deadly Nashville tornado struck. Hurd, who is on his Platonic Tour, spoke out on social media about how much he hated being away from home, and his pregnant wife, Maren Morris, during the scary experience.

"I am just really sad to be away from home today," Hurd posted. "Thank you to everyone on the ground in East doing what you can to start cleaning up and helping those who lost everything. It was a terrifying night and devastating morning seeing all of the photos and destruction. Love to you all."

Hurd later spoke to PEOPLE about the night, and how difficult it was to be away from his very pregnant wife while so many experienced destruction in his own neighborhood.

"A tornado went through East Nashville where we live and it's really sad," Hurd said. "All of the places that we love and a lot of the streets that we drive and walk down are really affected by it."

"It's just really hard to see your community go through something like that, especially in the middle of the night," he continued. "But I think the one really special thing about Nashville is we've seen it before, with things like the flood [in 2010]. It's a community that really does come together."

Morris also spoke out after the scary night, revealing how close their home was to being affected.


Hurd just experienced his debut performance on live TV, with an appearance on the Today Show, which Morris revealed on her Instagram Story that she got to watch only by checking into a hotel, since the power was out in her neighborhood.

Photo Credit: Getty / Taylor Hill