Carrie Underwood Reveals Her Surprising Favorite Kind of Book to Read

She might sing anthemic songs about love and empowerment, but Carrie Underwood's favorite kind of book has nothing to do with any of that. The singer just revealed that her favorite genre to read is, surprisingly, horror!

"My fans know this, but the general public probably wouldn’t know that I do like the horror genre quite a bit," Underwood revealed to Entertainment Weekly. "I just love things that are imaginative. I love things that could never really happen in real life because I feel like I get a lot of 'real life' in my own life and it’s nice to have that escape."

At least Underwood comes by her love of scary things honestly. The American Idol alum reveals that her mother is also a fan of being spooked, which is likely where Underwood developed her love for scary things as well.

"My mom was and still is an avid reader, also of things that are in the scary-type genre," Underwood divulged. "But I don’t think I ever wanted to read anything that I shouldn’t be reading."

Underwood enjoys other books as well, especially ones that have to do with one of her biggest passions, health and fitness, which prompted her to write her own book, Find Your Path.

"I do geek out over books that talk about diet and exercise or food and crops or how we raise our food," Underwood said. "I remember years ago reading Eat Right For Your Type and just being super interested about how different people’s bodies process foods differently and how a lot of it could be genetic.

"I’ve read a few books by people that are celebrity fitness gurus, and also by people on the lesser-known side that write about different studies that have been published," she continued. "I take it all with a grain of salt of course because there’s a lot of information out there, but I enjoy getting different people’s perspectives on health and fitness especially."

Underwood might have a varied list of books she likes, but the only one she reads regularly is her beloved Bible, which she tries to read every day.

"It’s probably going to sound a bit cliché, but this is something that I do try to read daily if possible, even if it’s just a little bit, and that’s the Bible," said the singer. "I know it’s not just a book, it’s the living breathing Word of God, and I feel like that’s the book that has changed my life and many, many lives."


Underwood is currently on her Find Your Path book tour, which is why she was not home when Nashville was hit by the devastating tornado. Her husband, Mike Fisher, took their sons Isaiah and Jacob to a safe room in their home until the storm passed.

Photo Credit: Getty / Jo Hale