Keith Urban on Next Album: 'There's Lots of Everything in There'

The wait might almost be over for new music from Keith Urban! The singer just revealed more details on his next record, which seems to be nearing completion, although a title or release date has yet to be announced. The next set of tunes is the follow-up to his latest Graffiti U record, released in 2018, and what Urban has been largely working on since then.

"[It's] just whatever that mix is that I do of things," Urban told Rolling Stone. "I don't really think of it in terms of … I couldn't really label that. It's a broad mix of songs, genres, styles. There's guitar stuff in there. There's lots of everything in there. A bit of everything."

Urban likes to share new music with his fans every two to three years, but only because that is his preference, not because he feels pressure to keep churning out albums.

"No, not at all. I couldn't imagine," Urban said when asked if he feels compelled to keep releasing music every year to two years. "I couldn't put one out every year anyway. I think you can keep new music coming. I think that's a better way to be. For someone like me, I like it because it keeps a portal open for new music. Whenever it strikes, you're gathering songs for this chunk of time, to then have to go in to record doesn't really, it doesn't fit me, really."

The Aussie previously revealed that his next record would include a few guest artists as well.

"There's a couple of collaborations on there," Urban told and other media. "It's hard to know what ends up making it to an album, versus what might be used in some other way. So I'm just anxious to get new music out, right? You know that feeling."

Urban also hinted that the way he releases music might change, as the music industry changes and evolves.

"The advantages of that, I think, for me, I love the idea of an EP, where you can savor the songs, and not just throw 18 songs at someone," Urban acknowledged. "And because too many songs get missed. The people don't realize, it's a really good song, that track 13 is awesome, but no one's going to get to it.


"So I'm a bit of a fan of the EP, " he added. "But at the same time I love people having a lot of music to be able to enjoy as well. So I think it's, there's not one size fits all. That's for sure. And I think it's in this beautiful free fall."

Photo Credit: Getty / Carmen Mandato