Country Star Cam Announces Pregnancy After Hiding It for 7 Months

Country star Cam is pregnant! The "Burning House" singer shared the good news on social media, in a video with her husband, Adam Weaver, showing off her protruding stomach. The couple wed in 2016, and this will be their first child.

"We've been keeping a secret to ourselves for the past seven months, but it's time to let you guys in on it," Cam said, as the camera panned out to show her advanced pregnancy.

Cam captioned the video by saying, "Surprise! little one you are already so loved."

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Fans were quick to congratulate Cam, including a few country stars. Cassadee Pope wrote, "Auntie Cass is ready to babysit!!!!" while Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild said, "Yay!!! So happy for you!!!"

Cam and Weaver wed in 2016. Her last album, Untamed, was released in 2015, and included both "Burning House" and the follow-up single, "Mayday." She has been a vocal advocate of supporting women on country radio, expressing outrage at the way male artists have been favored over women.

“They’ll tell me that women actually to like to listen to men sing because we like to believe that they’re our boyfriend,” Cam reflected to Sounds Like Nashville. “I don’t think that anyone is an evil super villain. I think in our entire culture, across all of these different industries, there are subliminal ways that we keep reminding women that they’re less valuable: their stories are less valuable, their time is less valuable, that they shouldn’t get paid as much.

"It’s all hidden," she added, "and I think we need to open our minds a little bit more to be able to recognize it. I think women feel it but don’t even know how to name it.”

Cam hasn't announced if she is having a boy or a girl, but it is safe to say she will not be afraid to discuss hard topics with her son or daughter as they get older.

“It’s really nice that a conversation is coming out and starting to get addressed," Cam stated. "Where are the women? Why are there only 22 percent of musicians that are women? Why are there only two percent of producers that are women? Why are there only 12 percent songwriters?


"How are we raising young women when they can’t hear themselves?" she continued. "How are they supposed to hear their own stories and how are they supposed to grow better than us if they can’t even hear where we are at right now? I’m glad that it’s starting.”

Photo Credit: Getty / Andrea Friedrich