Listen to Randy Houser's New Single, 'What Whiskey Does'

Randy Houser is back with a brand-new single, "What Whiskey Does," sounding better than ever. The song is the debut single from an upcoming new album.

"What Whiskey Does," which says, "I'm gonna light one up and sit right here / I'm gonna drink this hole in the wall outta beer / And when that ice cold beer loses its buzz / I'm gonna let that whiskey do what whiskey does," was written by Houser, along with Keith Gattis and Hillary Lindsey, with Lindsey also singing on the new track.

“Coming off such a big year in 2017, I really wanted to get back to the basics, experiment with sound and make music that inspired me,” Houser said in a statement. “‘What Whiskey Does’ was born from a mission to forget about all of the bells and whistles, relax and just create music that felt good to make.”

Houser spent most of 2017 focusing on returning to what he loves about music, both in his songwriting and in his live shows.

"We’ve been doing things different," the 42-year-old told "My band’s a bit smaller, it’s a three-piece band. We’re kind of breaking it down to the roots of the music. Just as simple as the songs can be and not as much smoke and lights and all that stuff.

“It’s kind of strange but I kind of felt like I was chasing my tail up there with all the production stuff that I had going on for the last couple of years and just kind of wanted to go back to the roots of what I have done my whole life, basically," he continued. "It’s honestly a better show. It’s more personal and it kind of feels like a big living room, if that makes sense."

Houser also hinted that his next set of tunes will be different than his previous four records.

“It’s a little more storytelling, and lots of new music I’m playing that I’m putting on the new album," Houser revealed. "And just really enjoying it a whole lot more. I feel like, instead of chasing it around, I’m making it chase me around."

The Mississippi native's last single, "We Went," went all the way to No. 1. The song was from Houser's 2016 Fired Up album.

Houser has a full tour schedule planned this summer, including plenty of fairs and festivals. Find a list of all of his upcoming shows at


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Photo Credit: Getty images/Mat Hayward