Anna Faris Dishes on 'Mom' Season 7, Paget Brewster's New Character (Exclusive)


Anna Faris Dishes on 'Mom' Season 7, Paget Brewster's New Character (Exclusive)

Watch Dan + Shay's Romantic New 'Speechless' Video

Dan + Shay's romantic new "Speechless" video gives fans a look into their personal lives. The duo, made up of Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney, shared glimpses of their own wedding videos (to Abby Law and Hannah Billingsley, respectively) in the brand-new clip.

“We both got married last year, and wrote a song about the moment we first saw our beautiful brides walking down the aisle,” the duo shared on their Instagram page.

Dan + Shay will have plenty of time to perform "Speechless" and all of their other hits this summer, while they serve as the opening act on Rascal Flatts' Back to Us Tour.

"They're grandfathers to us," Mooney quipped to at a media event. "We love those guys and obviously we've taken a lot of inspiration – we grew up listening to their music. And I think that's a perfect fit. So I think this is the perfect timing for everything to happen. To be putting out new music and being able to hop on that tour.

"We're gonna have a lot of good times and a lot of tequila, a lot of good nights," he continues. "And a lot of nights that we probably won't remember. We're very excited about that and Carly Pearce; it's going to be a great tour. And there's probably going to be some surprises on that tour. Not only for you guys, but to us as well."

"It's great timing, too, because Shay had written Rascal Flatts a No. 1 song in their last record, "I Like the Sound of That," Smyers adds. "So we're hoping we can convince them to let us come up on stage and sing it with them. I mean, like Shay said, Rascal Flatts is one of our favorite groups of all time and if you've ever listened to our music, you would know that. They're an inspiration to us and a lot of what's going on in this town today. A lot of our generation grew up listening to Rascal Flatts. They were so hot on the radio and they're still killing it. Their music is still super relevant and popular."

"Speechless" is from their upcoming self-titled album, out on June 22. Download the single on iTunes.


A list of all of Dan + Shay's upcoming concerts can be found on their website.

Photo Credit: Instagram/danandshay