Exclusive: Adam Doleac Premieres "Mom and Daddy's Money" Lyric Video

Adam Doleac is releasing the lyric video of his latest single, "Mom and Daddy's Money," and Popculture.com readers are getting the very first look. Written by Doleac, along with Pete Good
A.J. Babcock, the song was inspired by Doleac's own upbringing in Hattiesburg, Miss., and his decision to pursue music full-time.

"The inspiration behind 'Mom and Daddy’s Money' was very much my parents," Doleac tells PopCulture.com. "I believe the best thing you can give a kid on this earth is good parents, and I was so lucky to have that growing up. I wrote this song the day that I realized mom and daddy’s money was never actually paper money, it was just love. This song is me saying thank you for all of that love, and that when it’s my turn to raise kids of my own one day, I hope I can do it as well as they did."

Doleac has a lot of admiration and respect for his mother, who has remained his biggest fan over the years.

(Photo: Monarch Publicity)

"My mom and I are, and have always been, very close," Doleac acknowledges. "She is the hardest working and the most loving person I’ve ever known. Our relationship has had to evolve over the years, moving away from home to Nashville, and now spending so much time playing shows all over the country, but it hasn’t changed much. We are still closer than ever, and talk on the phone at least a couple time a week!"

Doleac credits each of his parents with making him both the artist and the person he is today, equipping him with all the tools he needs to have a long and successful career, while staying true to who he is.

"The messages I want to write about and sing about all come from my values and my morals and my character as a man," he shares. "And that character was very much instilled in me from a young age from my parents. I would not be the man I am today without them, and I love that. This song, 'Mom and Daddy’s Money' comes from a very real place in my heart, as a way of saying thank you for always being there for me. I hope when people hear this song, they want to send it straight to their mom or their dad, or to whoever helped get them where they are today. I know I will."


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Photo Credit: Monarch Publicity