Dustin Lynch Reveals Unlikely Inspiration Behind 'I'd Be Jealous Too'

Dustin Lynch's new single, "I'd Be Jealous Too," is an upbeat ode to a romantic interest, framed in an entirely new way that has fans loving the pop-influenced track.

At a recent No. 1 party in Nashville, Lynch shared the inspiration behind the song, revealing that he was actually inspired to write the track after filming the music video for his most recent single, "Small Town Boy."

"I can blame the 'I'd Be Jealous, Too' song on the 'Small Town Boy' video shoot," the singer explained. "I wrote that song after a red-eye flight back to Nashville. I got out of bed, went into town, got a cup of coffee, and we wrote 'I'd Be Jealous, Too.'"

The video for "Small Town Boy" was filmed on the beach of Malibu, California, and Lynch was sharing the beauty of the scene with his co-writers. Together, they came up with the title "I'd Be Jealous Too."

He continued, "And then the idea, it comes from something that John and Ross and myself have all felt, and that's like the best compliment another guy can give you is when he's checking your girl out. And it just is. That's awesome. And we've all had that feeling."

Lynch also acknowledged the song's pop-leaning sound, sharing that he's excited for fans to hear something new from him.

"When I was deciding to put the album together, I just decided, let's just kind of keep people guessing and keep it fresh," he said. "For me, I need that. I think the Current Mood album came together like that over the course of years. But 'I'd Be Jealous, Too' is very pop, melodically pop. The lyric, still, is a great country lyric."

While the music video for the track isn't out yet, the lyric video is, and the clip features dancers getting their groove on to the toe-tapping song.


"That song is one that, you can't help but just move to it," Lynch said. "And so we just decided, let's do something different and cool. It just lends itself to dance moves. And I can't dance, so we let the real dancers come in and do that. It is just fun, you know?"

Photo Credit: Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com