Dustin Lynch Reveals the 'Really Inspiring' Things He's Learned by Touring With Brad Paisley

Dustin Lynch has toured with some of the biggest artists in country music, including several tours with Luke Bryan, as well as headlined his own Ride or Die Tour. But now that he's on the road with Brad Paisley, serving as the opening act (along with Lindsay Ell), on Paisley's Weekend Warrior Tour, the 32-year-old says he is learning more than ever about how to perform like a pro.

"What's most inspiring is that the guy is still trying to get better every single day," Lynch tells AllAccess.com. "He's one of the greatest guitar players I've ever had the honor of being around, and yet he still nerds out over amps and guitars. He's always working on something and practicing, and he and his band still soundchecks for hours. It's something you can tell that he stills enjoy. He loves the journey."

Paisley's desire to keep getting better, even after two decades of making music, is something that Lynch hopes to emulate.

"For a younger guy like me, it makes me glad there's still a fire that burns like that, and that decades in front of me, I still have that to look forward to," says Lynch. "It's not something that, after so many years, it has gone away. Brad isn't the only one I've been around that is like that, and I've really taken that from him - the journey never stops. For me, it is really inspiring, and it makes me smile to think that if I do everything right like he has done, in 20 years, I can still have this much fun."

Paisley isn't the only artist Lynch hopes to emulate. The "I'd Be Jealous Too" singer has long admired Reba McEntire, which Lynch says is easy to understand.

"She's an absolute force in the entertainment industry, and I've had a crush on her since I was a little guy," says Lynch. "She just keeps getting more and more beautiful each year. But, on top of that, now being in a place where I've had the honor and privilege of meeting Reba several times - and getting to even hang out with her - she's just so down to earth, sweet, and caring. Gosh, it's just inspiring, honestly. She is so genuine."

Lynch's latest album, Current Mood, is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes. Find a list of all of his upcoming shows on his website.