Kelsea Ballerini is Eager to Learn From Keith Urban on His Graffiti U Tour

Kelsea Ballerini is currently headlining her own Unapologetically Tour, taking her away from her new husband, Morgan Evans, for sometimes long stretches of time. The 24-year-old, who tied the knot with the fellow singer in December, admits it can be a challenge for the newlyweds to find time to spend together.

“We do this thing where we sit down with our calendars once a quarter, and we just figure out when I can go to him, when he can come to me, when we can block two days here and there. We just figure it out,” Ballerini tells Nash Country Daily. “We know that this is the time in our lives where we need to put our heads down and work, and meet up when we can because this is the time when we’re setting that foundation, so hopefully a few years down the road we can say, ‘We want to take two weeks off here,’ and it’s okay. But right now we can’t, so we get that.”

Ballerini will gladly return to being an opener when she joins Keith Urban on his Graffiti U Tour in June. Aside from taking notes about performing live, Ballerini says she hopes she walks away with another important lesson as well.

“I can’t wait to learn from [Keith and wife Nicole Kidman],” Ballerini says. “I feel like they balance their lives very well, because they’re at that level, which is why I’m saying we need to keep our heads down for a bit longer.”

Urban isn't the only artist Ballerini wants to learn from. She also reveals she is "obsessed" with Thomas Rhett, and how he balances his busy career with his wife and two children.

"Their family and Willa and their new baby… that is truly what they care the most about and their top priority,” Ballerini concedes. “He loves music, but he loves Lauren and he loves those babies. And I think, honestly … I think it’s making everything better for him because I think when your personal life is thriving, your professional life is the best. You’re just overall happier.”


Ballerini is joined by Walker Hayes on her Unapologetically Tour. Dates can be found on her website.

Photo Credit: Instagram/KelseaBallerini