YouTube Star Tati Westbrook Fires Back at James Charles' Latest Claims: 'Do Not Twist My Words'

Tati Westbrook responded to James Charles' newest video addressing their feud on Twitter, signaling their fight is far from over.

Charles returned to YouTube with a new 41-minute video Saturday sharing receipts and evidence questioning Westbrook's previous claims against him, and the YouTube star responded swiftly with a message on social media.

"I've left town on a digital break to heal & pray for healing on all sides. My family made me aware of what was just posted & I'm disappointed to see it littered with so many lies & half truths. I stand by my videos - do not twist my words into what they are not, hear the message," Westbrook broke, less than a day since she posted anther video, titled "Why I Did It..." responding to the massive response to her first video exposing her former mentee.

"I'm working on not reacting out of anger & working through patience for what this right thing to do is. [prayer hands emoji and a red heart] I remind you all... as I remind myself to do what you can to lead with kindness," she added.

Charles' video, titled "No More Lies," went into detail on many of Westbrook's claims with text and video evidence.

"Before I say anything at all, in this video I want to make it very very clear that everything I said in that video in regards to my sentiments towards Tati and my apology, I stand behind one hundred percent," the former CoverGirl Ambassador shared at the start of the lengthy video message.

After commending Westbrook, and YouTube star Jeffree Star, for taking back some of their more vile comments, Charles took time to clear up some of the details that started the feud.

In April, Charles posted a sponsored ad from Coachella for Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins, a competitor for Westbrook's supplement brand, Halo Beauty. In response, Westbrook released a lengthy video claiming that Charles did not reach out to her before posting the ad and that he had been untruthful about how long he had been in talks with the brand.

Showing his own text messages of the conversation, Charles claimed Westbrook had not told the truth at the time, PEOPLE writes.

"Despite what Tati said in her video, this whole situation was not a big scheme that was orchestrated beforehand. It really did happen on the spot," he said.

After seeing how hurt Westbrook had been by his actions, Charles claimed he made "countless attempts" to contact her and her husband, but when they did not respond he decided to give them space.

After Westbrook posted her video, Charles lost over three million subscribers. The beauty vlogger previously released an 8-minute apology video addressed to Westbrook while he traveled in Australia.

Charles also addressed the claims he sexually harassed straight men, claiming he has "never" used his fame to "manipulate or get any sexual actions from a guy."

After revealing he rejected Westbrook's offer to settle their feud in private after she was the one who made it public, Charles announced he would be taking an indefinite break from YouTube.


Addressing his fans, Charles shared he was "sorry if I've disappointed you."

"You saw a side that I'm really not proud of and that I know I need to work on changing, and trust me, I will be. I recognize the fact that I haven't always been the best role model, and that sucks. I've tried, but I will try way harder," he said.