'You' Star Penn Badgley Addresses Massive Fox News Blunder Over His Netflix Series

Penn Badgely is weighing in on Laura Ingraham's viral You moment. The Fox News host sent social media users into a fit of laughter after a clip from her show The Ingraham Angle showed her thrown into a fit of confusion when contributor Raymond Arroyo mentioned the Netflix show You, which Badgley stars in as Joe Goldberg.

The blunder occurred as Arroyo began discussing "woke storylines" on TV series and pointed to an episode of You's third season in which Love (Victoria Pedretti) and Joe's son gets measles. However, Ingraham appeared to believe Arroyo was talking about her show, asking, "When did I mention measles?" Arroyo's clarification that "it was on You" seemed to go over Ingraham's head, with the host responding, "What was on me? What are you talking about? I never had the measles." When Arroyo attempted to point out that a "vaccine episode was on You," a confused Ingraham said, "We never did a measles and vaccine episode. Is this a joke?" Shortly after, Arroyo again clarified, "It was an episode of a show... You! It's a show called You on Netflix," to which Ingraham asked, "There's a show called Laura Ingraham on Netflix?"

The moment immediately captured the attention of social media users and even eventually reached Badgley, who was quick to dub the segment a fake. In a tweet, the Gossip Girl alum wrote, "it's gotta be a bit. Dude is committed, he actually made me lol, but watch how he waits for her to cut him off." After viewing the clip a second time, Badgley was firm with his belief, sharing, "Definitely a bit. His delivery is great tho."

Badgley wasn't the only one to buy into the idea that the segment was a bit. While the moment sparked plenty of chatter on social media, numerous Twitter users immediately declared it a fake, with one person even noting that Ingraham and Arroyo have "been doing this kind of stuff for years now." That user linked out to a story from Arroyo's 2018 Ingraham Angle appearance during which he fell off his chair. At the time, many viewers believed the fall had been real, though Ingraham later confirmed on social media that Arroyo's "fall during our Kavanaugh-Toast selfie was a JOKE...a pratfall after a long week." That fan just may be correct.


While Ingraham hasn't commented on the segment just yet, Arroyo seemed to confirm the confusion was part of a bit. Responding to one Twitter user who said the dup deserved the award for "best unintentional 'You's on First' comedy routine," Arroyo clarified, "trust me, it was totally intentional."