'Yellowstone' Stars Kelly Reilly and Cole Hauser in Awe of Amanda Gorman's Inauguration Poem

Yellowstone stars Kelly Reilly and Cole Hauser were both inspired by poet laureate Amanda Gorman's performance at President Joe Biden's inauguration. On Wednesday, Reilly posted a photo of Gorman on Instagram, showering her with compliments. Hauser agreed in the comment section.

"Amanda Gorman, youngest poet laureate. So moved by your words," Reilly wrote. She then added a quote from Gorman's inaugural poem: "There is always light if only we are brave enough to see it. If only we are brave enough to be it." Hauser left a comment addressing Gorman directly, writing: "Amazing work today... Looking forward to seeing this young women [sic] grow."

Reilly's post picked up over 8,000 likes, and many fans agreed with her. Some left their own praise for Gorman in the comments, with one fan writing: "That wasn't a poem as much as it was a much needed preaching. What an inspiring, eloquent, young woman, the entire world is at her feet!" Another added: "She left me speechless, with tears streaming down my face. Such profound talent and wisdom."

Gorman struck a chord with viewers not only for her words but because of her youth. The poet is just 22 years old and is already considered a trailblazer in her craft. Gorman's work revolves mainly around the issues of systemic oppression, marginalization and diaspora communities — particularly the African diaspora. She is an avowed feminist and anti-racist.

Gorman comes from Los Angeles, California, and was raised by a single mother, along with two other siblings. She received a scholarship to attend Harvard College, where she graduated in 2020. Gorman became the youth poet laureate of Los Angeles in 2014, and in 2017 was named the first-ever National Youth Poet Laureate.


Gorman's aspirations lie beyond the literary world, however. In multiple interviews and public statements, she has repeatedly expressed her hope to run for president in 2036. After her performance at Biden's inauguration, she received Hillary Clinton's public endorsement for that far-off campaign on Twitter.
"Wasn't [Amanda Gorman's] poem just stunning?" Clinton wrote. "She's promised to run for president in 2036 and I for one can't wait."

Gorman has published three books of poetry — Change Sings: A Children's Anthem, The Hill We Climb: Poems and The Hill We Climb: An Inaugural Poem for the Country. All three were published by Viking Books for Young Readers and have been enjoying a boost in sales since Gorman's inauguration performance. They are available now wherever books are sold.