'Will & Grace' Star Debra Messing Stirs up Twitter After Acknowledging Thanksgiving as a Reminder of Native American Genocide

Debra Messing celebrated Thanksgiving on social media, but also stirred the pot among her followers when she brought up a cruel reality about the holiday.

The Will & Grace star remained active on social media throughout Thanksgiving Day, starting with a sweet post wising her followers a nice holiday, along with a stunning beachside selfie.

"Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you are with your loved ones & feeling grateful for the love around you," Messing wrote on Instagram, along with a red heart emoji.

(Photo: Instagram/Debra Messing)

Fans of the actress commented on the stunning post, wishing her and her family a Happy Thanksgiving back.

"You look like you're having so much fun!! Great photo," one fan wrote on the comments section.

"You look HAPPY,that's the BEST thing in life!! A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear!! Warm hug from Belgium (Europe)," another user wrote.

"Awesome photo, awesome subject. Happy T-Day to you & your family," another user commented.

Later, the actress took to Twitter to acknowledge the holiday as a day of "mourning" for the Native American community, adding the hashtag, #ImSorry, to the end of her message.

"I want to acknowledge that this day is a Day of Mourning for the Native American community. While this holiday was created (by white me) to represent a day of thankfulness for all we have, it is in fact a reminder of the genocide of the native peoples," she wrote.

Shortly after, Messing posted another Instagram showing a North American map depicting the Native American tribes that inhabited the area before colonists took over.

"Today is Thanksgiving. A day created by white men to come together and be thankful for all that we have. It is a beloved holiday, that many look forward to, where we gather with loved ones. But it is a Day of Mourning for the Native American community," Messing wrote on the caption.

"It is, in fact, a reminder of the genocide of the Native American peoples. If you are in America today here is a reference map. You can see the original tribe land on which you are gathered together. (MAP taken from Native-land.ca)"

The posts received mixed responses from Messing's fans, with some agreeing with her sentiment, and othesr wondering why she chose to look at the negative side to things.

"this is why i hate this holiday and every holiday in general honestly. is all created to look at side of history that isnt true," one user replied on Twitter.

"I am not sure why you are so angry inside. The world was once one continent Rodinia one billion years ago. We all lived or our DNA lived there. over that billion years man evolved, continents moved away from each other. We are all of the one tribe time 4 love & peace," one user added.


"Over the last few years, you have become heavily political, angry at everything and everyone......today you could have spread love and motivated people to be kind, sincere and love one another. Instead your inner anger posts hate at white men & the creation of the USA. Find Love," another user commented, somehow finding anger in Messing's message.

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