Why Liam Hemsworth Decided to Officially File for Divorce

Liam Hemsworth officially filed for divorce from Miley Cyrus on Wednesday, and now we may finally know why. Cyrus and Hemsworth just separated this month, and many expected it take longer for them to reach the point of an official divorce. Sources close to Hemsworth said that he did not want to waste any time.

Hemsworth and Cyrus announced their separation on Aug. 10. This week, Hemsworth took the next step, filing divorce papers in the Los Angeles court. Sources close to the 20-year-old actor told Entertainment Tonight that he simply felt it was "time to move on."

"Liam's decision to file for divorce is sad, but in the end, it was never going to work," the source said. "They are too different. Liam never wanted to share Miley with anyone. He loves her and he is far too traditional. He finally realized he just wants to start fresh."

"Liam has come to terms that it was time to move on," they went on. "Liam's family has been incredibly supportive. They are relieved it's over."

The source added that Hemsworth saw no benefit in drawing the separation and the divorce out. The actor knew that fans would have a field day with the breakup, so he wanted to get it over with as soon as possible.

"At first, Liam wanted to just give it time but he finally felt like things were getting nasty and he didn't want to drag it out publicly," they explained. "He decided it was all too much."

Many sources agreed that Hemsworth was caught off guard by the split. The whole thing began when Cyrus was spotted kissing reality star Kaitlynn Carter on a vacation in Italy. A few hours later, they announced their separation. Another source told ET that Hemsworth never stopped feeling reactive to the breakup, feeling as if it was foisted upon him without much warning.


"Liam loves Miley and is crushed by all of this," the source said. "But right now Miley doesn't want to answer to anyone. She still feels the need to explore herself, her sexuality and her music. Miley has been working in the studio and wants to blow off steam."

Cyrus and Hemsworth officially got together in 2010, after the premiere of their romance movie The Last Song. They have been an on-again, off-again item ever since, with plenty of breakups, makeups and love in between. This makes it that much more heartbreaking for fans now that the relationship seems to be coming to a close for good.