Why Farrah Abraham Just Lost a Ton of Instagram Followers

Did you notice Farrah Abraham's Instagram following isn't quite what it used to be? The former [...]

Did you notice Farrah Abraham's Instagram following isn't quite what it used to be? The former Teen Mom star has seen about 40,000 followers drop from her followers list. What's behind the sudden decline? There's no one reason behind the drop, but there are some ideas as to what could have sparked the loss of followers. She has gone from 2.21 million followers to 2.17 in a short amount of time, and a 40,000 difference is noticeable when it comes to Instagram.

Looking at some of her recent posts, there could be a correlation between her loss in following to her plastic surgery. She has posted more frequently about various surgeries and procedures she has undergone on her feed.

Anyone can notice that her comments section have become more volatile towards the work she's having done.

"I think it's time to stop the plastic surgery. It's getting to the point where you are looking odd. Sorry but someone has to tell you. I also hope you have become a nicer person," a user replied on one of her Instagram posts. "Please stop playing with your face, it isn't playdoh. It won't bounce back you're a beautiful girl just stop."

Another reason could perhaps be due to some backlash from her parenting skills, or lack thereof as some would suggest. In September, she shared a risque photo of her in lingerie standing in front of a window in Paris. The issue with it, though, was that it appeared she had her daughter take the picture of her.

This raised some complaints in her comments as users weren't too happy as they speculated that she had her child take the photo.

"Like why does she tag parenting, is this parenting? So confused," a user commented.

There's also the more practical rationale for the decline. Instagram occasionally goes through their system and removes inactive accounts, bots and fake accounts. This becomes even more so when dealing with celebrities. This isn't to say Abraham bought any of her followers, but that celebrities tend to draw in more bots that follow them. As a result, there can be quite a lot of them follow her and thus, Instagram simply went in and cleaned up house.

If it wasn't a simple reason like that, perhaps it's just because people are growing tired of Abraham, who also said recently that someone who dates her will have to drop $5,000. Seeing this drop-off could also force her to take a different approach with her posts as she tries to bring more users in rather than send them away like she apparently has been doing.