Who Is Isaac Kappy?

The man who died after he reportedly "forced himself" off a bridge in Bellemont, Arizona on Monday has been identified by the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) as actor Isaac Kappy.

Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, according to his IMDb page, Kappy got his start in the entertainment industry in 2006 when he appeared in the short film Stare Down, and his roster boasts a number of other roles, including a 2009 appearance in Breaking Bad, Mel in 2011's Lemonade Mouth, an appearance in Thor, and a small part in The Night Shift.

Kappy also wrote two short films, The Cougar and The Surrogate, and was the lead singer of the band Monster Paws, though he seemed to step away from the limelight in recent years, with his last acting role credited as a 2016 episode of Rachel Dratch's Late Night Snack.

In 2018, the actor made tabloid headlines after he made a series of controversial statements on social media about Hollywood actors and socialites, including Oscar-winning director Steven Speilberg, who he alleged was a pedophile. He also accused actor Seth Green and his wife of being pedophiles.

"At the top level, these people are just sick and psycho!" he said in a YouTube video at the time, according to the Santa Monica Observer. "This is what's sad about this. A lot of people are born into it."

At around the same time, Kappy had also been accused of choking Paris Jackson during a game night party. Following the incident, TMZ reported that Jackson, the daughter of late pop icon Michael Jackson, had upped her security presence and moved out of her home as she feared for her safety.

In a lengthy Instagram post just a day before his death, Kappy had alluded to the 2018 incident.

"To the MANY people I have acted abusively towards, I am very, very sorry," he wrote in part. "To my former friends I have used and betrayed, I am sorry. To those I have deceived, I am sorry, although I must say, in my SHEER ARROGANCE, I did not even realize that I had been a bad actor all along."

In the post, Kappy also stated that he had been "lacking in gratitude, humility, honor, service, and proper care for others" and that he had not "honored the light of God within."

According to the Arizona Daily Sun, the actor died on Monday after he jumped from the Transwestern Road bridge onto Interstate 40, where he was struck by a Ford pickup truck. Kappy was 42.


If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).