Wendy Williams Slams B. Smith's Husband Dan Gasby for Having Relationship During Alzheimer's Fight

Wendy Williams has waded into another controversial topic. On Monday's episode of The Wendy Williams Show, the host addressed the death of her friend, B. Smith, who passed away on Saturday from Alzheimer's. However, it was less about her friend and more about the fact that her widower, Dan Gasby, started seeing another woman while Smith was still alive.

"Dan went on to fall for another woman, who I understand he is still not with now," Williams said on Monday, via The Daily Mail. "But he fell for her when Barbara was living with Alzheimer's in the fabulous mansion in the sky, and he moved the other woman."

She went on to tell the audience that the thought of all three of them going out together made her "uncomfortable," and ended the segment with: "Dan, I am sorry to hear about Barbara. Barbara, rest in peace."

Smith and Gasby had been married for 28 years when she passed.

While Smith was still alive, Gasby did help care for her at their East Hampton home up until her passing over the weekend. He also had help from his daughter, Dana, and his aforementioned girlfriend, Alex Lerner. Smith was initially diagnosed in 2013, and Gasby and Lerner made their relationship public five years later -- which made headlines in the process.

Given the backlash to the news, Gasby eventually revealed that the late lifestyle guru was the one who told him to move on with his life before her Alzheimer's got worse.

Williams, meanwhile, has been sparking up a few headlines of her own lately. Just last week, she addressed the murder of Dr. Amie Harwick after she was allegedly thrown from a third-story balcony. However, she decided to channel Bob Barker's old Price is Right catchphrase and jokingly used the phrase "come on down" when discussing Harwick's tragic death.

A petition has been circulating in the wake of Williams' remarks calling her to be removed from the show over her insensitive comments. The talk show host herself has yet to address the matter publicly.


The day before Valentine's Day, Williams also came under fire when she told gay men to "stop wearing our dresses and high heels," which she did later apologize for.

Then, just last month, Williams found herself in hot water when discussing her personal fondness for Joaquin Phoenix, which came paired with some questionable references to his cleft pallet. She's apologized for these comments and promised to help increase awareness of the cleft community.