Wendy Williams Shades Linsday Lohan for 'Diva' Behavior on 'The Masked Singer Australia'

Wendy Williams is not impressed with the rumors surrounding Lindsay Lohan and her new gig as a judge on The Masked Singer Australia. The Wendy Williams Show host shaded Lohan in a six-minute segment on the talk show for her "diva" behavior on set of the reality singing competition.

"The rumor is she's already annoying the other judges. Well, Lindsay, Lindsay darling!" Williams said. "What they're saying is Lindsay is taking long ciggie breaks, holding up production and walks around with a note-taker. Ciggies take like five minutes and, if you're really stressed, two seconds!"

She then told Lohan to "get rid of the [note-taker] because then it makes you seem like you're a big shot. And with the ciggies, wear a nicotine patch while you're doing the show. After the show go smoke a carton and complain!"

Williams didn't have all bad things to say about the Parent Trap star, however. "But I think that Lindsay is good for the show, she's going to be a ratings draw," she said. "I like her. But Lindsay, you have to learn how to be accountable and more reliable."

Williams' comments come after Lohan's fellow judge, Dave Hughes, said that the star would take 15-minute cigarette breaks and would disrupt the production schedule. However, the other two judges on the show, Jackie "O" Henderson and Osher Günsberg, later said that Hughes was only joking.

"You know when Hughesy says something very tongue in cheek and then you read it in print and it looks different," Henderson said on her radio show. "He's got a certain style of comedy and he certainly doesn't mean anything bad by it. He hasn't got a bad bone in his body."

Günsberg agreed, adding that Lohan has been a professional on set.

Last week, Lohan shared the career news in an Instagram post, writing that she feels "honored to sit on the panel and be part of such an amazing show." The new gig comes on the heels of her short-lived MTV reality series, Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club. That series followed Lohan as she managed her beachside club in Mykonos, Greece. It has since been reported by PEOPLE that she sold the club.


The Masked Singer is a competitive music series that features masked celebrities belting out popular tunes every week. One by one they are voted off, revealing their identities as they exit, and eventually a winner emerges. Earlier this year, a U.S. version debuted for American audiences and was a massive hit.

Season 2 of The Masked Singer (U.S.) will debut on FOX on Sept. 25.