Watch 'The Ranch' Star Sam Elliott Sing 'Old Town Road' for Doritos Super Bowl Ad Teaser

Sam Elliott may be back on The Ranch later in January for its final season, but his fans won't have to wait much longer after that to see him again. Elliott, 75, will appear in Doritos' Super Bowl ad that will air during the big game on Feb. 2. As shown in the teaser below, the iconic actor will star in a western-themed spot where he enters a saloon an deliver the lyrics to Lil Nas X's country-rap smash "Old Town Road."

"I got the horses in the back, Horse tack is attached, Hat is matte black, Got the boots that's black to match," Elliott says in his signature monotone drawl. "Ridin' on a horse, You can whip your Porsche. I've been in the valley..."

He then turns to a shifty saloon patron and gives him an ice cold scare. "You ain't been up off that porch, now," he says to the patron. "Can't nobody tell me nothin'."

Next, he turns back to the bartender and delivers a reprisal of the previous line to him. "You can't tell me nothin'" he says.

However, a thumping bassline emerges from outside the bar rattling everything inside. Elliott goes to investigate, but the teaser cuts off. Viewers will have to wait until Super Bowl Sunday to see who or what is waiting for the 2019 Oscar nominee in the street.

Whatever goes down, it will surely be just the latest in a long line of memorable roles for Elliott who has been on a hot streak as or late. The Ranch has been a huge hit for Netflix, and he starred in the acclaimed musical drama A Star Is Born in 2018. He earned that aforementioned Oscar nomination for the latter role, and as a part of awards season, he revealed that his career is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

"Since I was a little kid," Elliott told Deadline when asked how long he wanted to be an actor. "I went to too many films. There was a neighborhood theater. I grew up in Sacramento and spent a lot of time in the Saturday matinee. I just thought, 'Wow.' It's that magic of sitting in a dark theater as a little kid. That was in the '50s. A long time ago. Life was pretty simple and pretty safe. I mean, that whole thing about light shining through celluloid and those images on the screen.


"I really never had any thought about being a legitimate actor, like a stage performer. I wanted to make movies. I wanted to do television and make movies."

The full ad will air during Super Bowl LIV on Feb. 2, and available at Doritos' official YouTube.