Watch Chelsea Handler Tape Her Private Parts in Place to Run on the Beach Naked in Kim Kardashian's SKIMS

Chelsea Handler is known for doing and saying outrageous things that make her fans love her that much more, and this time is no different. The hilarious comedian just stripped it down in support of Kim Kardashian's new shapewear line SKIMS. In a hilarious slow motion video she posted to her Instagram for all of her 3.7 million followers to see, she tells her fans that she's always dreamed of running naked on a beach, and she finally had the opportunity to do so. The 44-year-old dressed in a nude pair of SKIMS as she trotted down a beach on a beautiful sunny day.

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I’ve always wanted to run on a beach naked, and now with @skims, I finally can. Thank you @kimkardashian !

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Fans flooded her comment section with hilarious thoughts, including a few celebrity pals like Ashlee Simpson, Reese Witherspoon and Kim Kardashian herself!

"This is the best," Simpson wrote, while The Morning Show actress said, "Is that Bo Derek?"

Then, Kardashian chimed in herself posting, "Crying!!!!! The tape over the vag is the best part!"

One of her fans said, "Thanks for making me actually laugh out loud."

The former Chelsea Lately star is known for posting hilarious things on social media, including the NSFW post that she titled, "I can't believe I'm single" that showed her from behind, naked from the waist down. The photo appeared to have been taken in a hotel room as she covered up her top half with a towel as she looked out of a sliding class door.

Something fans aren't use to seeing is a more serious side to her, which she showed after hearing the devastating news that Chuy Bravo had passed. Bravo use to star on her late night show as her sidekick.


"I loved this nugget in a big way, and I took great pleasure in how many people loved him as much as I did and do," she wrote in a post. "[Bravo] gae us so much laughter and I'll never forget the sound of his laughter coming from his office into mine. Or his 'business calls' with his 'business manager,' or his shoe rack with all his children-sized shoes."

Her post continued on but ended with , "I love you" as several fans left her sweet messages in the comment section.