Watch: Aaron Carter Reveals Bag of Prescription Drugs He's Taking for Mental Health Disorders

Aaron Carter has taken transparency to the next level, sharing his full list of prescription medications with fans. The singer appears in an interview on The Doctors later this week, and a preview shows him pulling out a bag of pills to show how he is being treated for various mental illnesses. This also raises some questions about his sobriety status.

Carter has had fans worried in recent weeks with apparent mood swings in real time on social media, and serious outbursts against his brother and sister. This week, he will try to tell his own story for himself in an interview on The Doctors on The CW. A preview clip published by TMZ shows the shocking moment when Carter pulls out a bag full of his prescription medication.

"The official diagnosis is that I suffer from multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, acute anxiety," Carter says in the video. "I'm manic depressive."

Watch the video here.

Carter then lists the medications he takes to cope with these ailments -- Xanax, Saroquel, Gabapentin, Hydroxyzine, Trazodone and Omazeprazole. Cutting back to the set of the show, Carter holds a bag filled with these pill bottles up over his head.

"And this is my reality," the singer says to the crowd. "Hi. I have nothing to hide."

There is dead silence in the studio as Carter addresses the audience. The clip then cuts to later in the interview, apparently when Carter is discussing his sobriety.

"I haven't taken any opiates," he says before self-correcting. "Oh no, no, no, no, no, I did, because I got my teeth done. I got six crowns. Okay? So I had to take high... hydrocodone? So look, six crowns. Hi!"

Carter held his lips open to show fans his dental work. From the looks of it, that dental indulgence may count against him in terms of sobriety. Many people in recovery from addiction do their best to abstain from prescription pain meds, fearing a relapse. In some circles, even using these drugs as recommended counts as a relapse on its own.

The interview will reportedly include a drug test, allowing Carter to prove his sobriety on TV. Meanwhile, his mother, Jane Elizabeth, will join him for part of the interview to discuss her own struggles with alcoholism.


Carter's two part interview airs across Thursday and Friday's episodes of The Doctors, both at 3 a.m. ET on The CW.