'Walking Dead' Star Vanessa Cloke Charged With Assault and Battery After Assaulting Ex's Family Member on Video

The Walking Dead star Vanessa Cloke was arrested by police after she struck a woman who was recording the actress during the time that officials were removing her ex-boyfriend's belongings out of her apartment. The actress, who is known for playing Anna on Seasons 6 and 7 of the popular AMC series, was hauled off in handcuffs following her breakup because she got physical with a woman nearby who was recording the process. She was booked for misdemeanor and assault.

According to TMZ, they were called to her Orange County, California residents to keep the peace while someone removed his stuff from her place. Her ex is the one who called the cops in the first place because he anticipated there might be drama involved if he did it himself. However, when she was provoked by a woman recording the incident, that's when things took an ugly turn.

In the video, Cloke could be heard crying and yelling about her ex-boyfriend and his family members. She was caught shouting at her ex saying, "Nobody knows who you are! This isn't you!" She then could be heard telling the cops "Everything is his!" Then, the woman recording the outburst called her a "drama queen," and Cloke stormed out of the apartment and called the onlooker a "f—ing c—" before striking her. She allegedly snatched the woman's phone and threw it over the staircase onto a car parked below.

The outlet was told that the police officers on site tried to calm her down but became unruly and asked her to leave. When they noticed she got physical with the woman is when they arrested her.

Cloke's response was, "Can you imagine what it takes to provoke a person to this point? (To person who took the video) 'Tis the season for exploiting and demeaning another human being without the full story."


According to Fox News, when she was getting arrested, she told the cops, "This is so fun. I've always wanted to get arrested." Although she seemed upset at the time, it was said that she calmed down a bit after being placed in handcuffs, however, she was seemingly upset when her mugshot was taken because she was in tears.

Cloke, who has a Bachelors in Communications, is also known for her roles in shows and movies like American Horror Story, The Big Short and Treme. She's acted since she was a kid but never pursued a career in it until 2007.