Vivica A. Fox Makes All the Right Moves With Mega Successful 'Wrong' Movie Franchise on Lifetime (Exclusive)

The Lifetime Movie Network is packing a ton of heat this summer as it premieres two all-new movies in the wildly successful and beloved "Wrong" film franchise to satisfy our guilty pleasure cravings. Starring and executive produced by award-winning actress Vivica A. Fox, the movies in the anthology series have become a fan-favorite since their debut on the network in 2016, with Fox starring in 14 to date — and more to come later this year. In an exclusive with for our series, PopCulture @ Home, the South Bend native dishes on the upcoming films and shares what makes these movies so right for viewers.

"I got involved with this because of David DeCoteau, who was the director and we made a couple of films, The Wrong Child, The Wrong Husband — and he kept calling me back and said, 'I love working with you.' And then we were able to be picked up by Lifetime, and we just kept making them," Fox said, adding most humbly how she was also blown away by the fan reception for the "So Wrong, It's Right" franchise. "I feel like it replaced — remember back in the day when the ladies used to love to read their Harlequin books and read their novels and escape? Well these are like sexy thrillers that you could just binge-watch and for me, I produce them as well as star in them, so I get an opportunity to play roles that maybe I wouldn't be cast in, in other movies. So, I get to cast myself as a producer."

Fox reveals being an executive producer not only means having a say in the portrayal of the strong-willed characters she plays, like a detective in The Wrong Wedding Planner (premiering July 17), but she also gets to be involved in every aspect from start to finish thanks to Canadian director, DeCoteau.

"I'm involved with everything, believe it or not. Sometimes I get on David's nerves, but I'm involved with casting, I'm involved with the script development, everything," she said, further revealing how she gets the opportunity to work with young actors and provide them the chance to join the film franchise. "Once you start working with us, the beautiful thing is that we use all of our actors in different roles, in different movies, so that the audience becomes familiar with them. […] I get a chance to play strong characters. This one, I get to go back to my Missing roots and play a detective."

Fox goes on to share how she loves being involved with just about every aspect of the film franchise, including tackling the different hairdos that fit the roles she portrays. "I'm very involved and it's helping me become a filmmaker, which is what I love doing," she said. "I had no idea that this chapter of my life that was coming up, that I would be busier than ever making films, that my fans are just loving. They just had a marathon this past couple of weekends, Fourth of July weekend, and people just said, 'I love this.' So, I'm grateful that I'm able to make films and do what I love to do."

The multitalented actress and producer with her distinct brand and styling adds a detailed and appreciated flair for the films, which begs the question: Would Fox ever want to be behind the camera and direct? "Are you giving me another job? I'm starring, I'm producing, I'm getting everything together now, and you go, 'Well, let's have you direct one, too,'" she laughs. "Never say never, but I am very, very happy with my director [DeCoteau]."

While directing is "absolutely" in her future, Fox goes on to sing DeCoteau's praises, noting she is "really happy" with the team at Hybrid Films. "We make an excellent team and every year we produce five to six films for Lifetime Movie Network and Lifetime, and we usually do like five thrillers and one Christmas movie. So, we're kind of waiting for corona because the fans are waiting for more, but these two that we've got coming up for you guys are just wonderful."

First up in the films' releases is The Wrong Wedding Planner on July 17, where Fox plays a detective who investigates after a psychotic wedding planner turns the blissful lives of a young engaged couple into a living nightmare. Fox shares how the movie is reminiscent of '80s classic, Fatal Attraction blended with her former Lifetime series, Missing. "The actors are just so good," she said. "I was watching it and I hit David afterward and I said, 'David, wow, this one's really good.' So, I can't wait for you guys to check it out July 17th."


Two weeks later on July 31, Fox will be seen again in The Wrong Stepfather opposite actress, Krista Allen who is at the center of a happy engagement to a charming college adviser, but love soon turns to a real fear when her friend, Fox, worries the dream husband might be the wrong stepfather for her friend's young daughter.

The Wrong Wedding Planner premieres July 17 at 8 p.m. ET and The Wrong Stepfather premieres on July 31 at 8 p.m. ET, both on Lifetime. Check your local listings. For more with Fox and all your favorite stars, keep it locked to for the latest!