Vanessa Lachey Admits Being 'Fascinated' by 'Love Is Blind' With Husband Nick for Its Simplicity (Exclusive)

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette can move on over because Love Is Blind is coming through! When Netflix released its new reality series showing audiences a refreshing way of finding love, viewers were quickly enthralled. In an exclusive interview with for our series, PopCulture @ Home, Love Is Blind host Vanessa Lachey says she and husband Nick Lachey were "fascinated" by the premise behind the psychology of the show when they were first approached to be the series' hosts.

"When they told us the idea, Nick and I were so fascinated, because it's so simple," Lachey explained of the show, which has been picked up for two seasons on the streaming giant. "It's so important, and what I mean by simple is they basically said, 'You're developing an emotional relationship with somebody,' and that will be the foundation for a lasting relationship. You're taking out the external factors: physicality; social media; money; work; family; friends; television — I'm like, 'Oh?' And you're actually falling in love with the person."

Love Is Blind featured several men and women through their journey of falling in love with someone, to then getting engaged without having seen the person face-to-face first. Each couple would go into pods where they would have hours to chat with an individual they were interested in, getting to know one another for their personality and eliminating looks from the picture. While it sounds out-of-this-world crazy, to say the least, it not only captured the attention of a wide-ranging audience, but a few of the couples are still together today.

Though viewers may not have seen how in-depth and hands-on the Lacheys were, the mom-of-three said she and the former boyband member were on site to discuss the process with the cast after their dates. But they also got to know them on a personal level throughout filming. "When we were there, I was in the pod with the women — all the women [were] in the pods — I talked to them after most of the big dates, and Nick talked to the guys for most of the dates." She noted that the couple was there for eight weeks and heavily involved in the process.

"We went into their apartments together. We went on the romantic getaway with them. Like, we really got to know them. But at the end of the day, Nick and I would sit down together, and we would talk with a bourbon — like an old married couple — about relationships and the progression and who we think's gonna make it and why."

She added, "He [Nick] was like, 'If the people watching this show are even an ounce as infatuated as we are right now,' he's like, 'This is gonna be a big hit.' And he was right." It was easy for viewers to become invested because the show was like nothing that's been presented so far.

While the sweet pair helped others throughout their romantic process, Lachey says quarantine has taught her and Nick a thing or two about theirs. She's also prioritized being extra compassionate towards her kids throughout this time, even partnering with Rice Krispies Treats as they head back to school. The famous brand has created a limited edition "Love in Case of" kit as kids head back to school, and it allows and encourages parents to write a little note for their child, while they also get to enjoy a sweet treat.


"Kellogg has created this amazing kit, Love In Case Of — it is Rice Krispies Treats," she said of the 12-treat kit that retails for $10 on the official For every kit purchased, Kellogg's will donate $20 to No Kid Hungry, which is up to 200 meals. "Kellogg did a survey, and it was almost 80% of kids said that they wanted handwritten notes from their parents, and they weren't getting that," she said. Further noting how this is something she finds extremely important for parent-child relationships, especially during such challenging times, she wants her kids to know just how much she loves them and encourages them using handwritten notes.