Vanessa Lachey and Husband Nick Lachey Find 'a Lot of Silver Linings' This Year to Teach Their Children (Exclusive)

2020 hasn't been an easy year, with many people losing their jobs, falling victim to COVID-19, and businesses being forced to shut down. However, Vanessa Lachey and husband Nick Lachey have found a few "silver linings" and are using those experiences to teach their children, including helping them understand the importance of giving back. In an exclusive interview with, Lachey said she and her family are making a few new traditions and memories this year and shared how she and her family plan on spending the holidays.

"Nick and I have made it a priority to explain to our children about not just this time of year but overall what it is to be thoughtful and giving and kind and caring, and try to help out the less fortunate when we are in a position that is fortunate," Lachey explained during a PopCulture @ Home segment. "That's one word, so yeah, it's been a year where we found a lot of silver linings in ways to teach our children good things and also make some memories and moments and traditions with them."

As coronavirus cases are on the rise as the winter season quickly approaches, families and friends across the world are still in a tight situation on whether to gather for the holidays or not. Some states are mandating certain numbers of those who are allowed to gather, while others have been a little more lenient. For the Lachey family, like many, they have taken it upon themselves to play it safe this year. For Thanksgiving, the Love Is Blind host explained that they planned on keeping it small.

"It's different for everybody and I think that can be a good thing," Lachey explained as she is finding the positive in keeping her gatherings small this year. "It can be a time for us to really, literally slow down and just spend some quality time with family and just create those traditions. [...] For us, we're gonna stay here, just the five of us — which I guess we're pretty much already rolling deep. And honestly, I love a party, I love to throw a party. [...] [But] I'm really excited this year to not. It's just, we're gonna stay in our pajamas for as long as we can, wear our slippers, and we're still gonna make all the food because that's something that we look forward to."


The mom of three partnered again with Libby's Vegetables to help bring her family the perfect Thanksgiving meal before she preps for the next holiday feast. "Yes, that's a big reason why I love my partnership with them," Lachey explained since Libby's is donating a large portion of proceeds to Feeding America. "[...] It's an organization Nick and I have been supporting for so many years and continue to support." Lachey then created a few new recipes with her kids using the brand and gushed over the time well spent with her kids and husband.