'Hollywood Medium' Tyler Henry Reveals 'Biggest Challenge' With Intuitive Gift

After an emotional and baffling season finale, Hollywood Medium star Tyler Henry is heading out on the road this spring and summer, sharing lessons learned from numerous readings and how the intuitive gift affects his life on a daily basis.

In an exclusive with PopCulture.com ahead of the Season 4 finale this past month, Henry opened up about challenges and his tour, “Life Lessons I’ve Learned From the Departed,” particularly in how he transmits energy through an audience compared to an individual in an effort to bring closure, comfort and hope.

“It’s a lot more overwhelming than I can probably imagine,” Henry laughs. “When I go into a crowd of 2,000 or 5,000 people, I have to be really specific and really detailed.”

Henry adds that when fans come to these live events — five of which have been sold out, thus far — they are also learning a bit about his own life story and the lessons learned because of his numerous readings over the years.

“A lot of these events really are focused on going out in the audience and sharing messages,” he said. “So, for people who are curious about the process and see it in an unedited way, it’s a really good opportunity to see for yourself and how it works in person.”

During the tour, Henry is most excited for fans to experience the energy he feels through every reading, admitting that when he is scribbling, he is able to “turn on” the intuitive information, and when he is not, it’s often “residual intuitive noise” from his environment or people that he interacts with.

But while reading is all about “getting into the mindset,” one of Henry’s most notable ways of channeling information intuitively is in the “fundamental part” of his method seen on the eponymous reality series Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, which involves scribbling in a notebook.

“It really just allows me to turn on and really start working,” Henry told PopCulture.com of the signature process. “By scribbling, it just allows me to meditate and make a mental shift into getting into the mindset of doing a reading. When I’m actually doing a reading, it’s really just a series of very subtle impressions.”

While all mediums and clairvoyants channel impressions differently, Henry goes on to share that these impressions are usually felt on a physical, mental or emotional spectrum, but that it’s all part of an “altered state of mind” where he is hyper-aware of changes that go through his mind and body.

“When that starts to happen, that’s really information coming through,” Henry admitted. “I have to be able to interpret and deliver. So, it’s a lot going on.”

The energy Henry often likens to a “daydream” on the E! reality series can be “exhausting” as he reveals it’s almost like “exercise on some level.”

“I get all flushed, it’s a really visceral thing,” he said. “And, I’ll leave these readings sometimes just feeling exhausted, but emotionally gratified because of what I’m able to do. But it can definitely be draining.”

Henry, who also reads for fans and individuals seeking validation and comfort via Skype, reveals there is no single channel that allows him to communicate with the other side.

“Distance really makes no difference that way,” he said, adding how the episode featuring Rebel Wilson this past season confirmed that fact. “It was interesting — in the reading, I actually connected with her grandfather. I don’t believe that was shown, but that was really the big source of the information. He had insight into Rebel’s family, her mother and her sister.”

Audiences got a glimpse of that reading in the episode, where Henry had Wilson call up her sister and mother as he had messages for them.

“[Her family] was actually 6,000 miles away, so they were far away in Australia,” he said. “[But] the medical information [for Wilson’s mother] came through about them. I think that it really validated that distance doesn’t make a difference, family’s family, and loved ones come through regardless of where you are. They definitely can prioritize our well-being, which is important.”

But while Henry looks out for the well-being of his fans and those who receive readings from him, there are times that the 23-year-old will feel residual feelings and energy from a heavy reading that he says can sit with him for days.

“Particularly when I connect with individuals who have taken their own lives,” he said. “Or, have dealt with really traumatic circumstances towards the end. It’s definitely something that I have to really consciously try to separate in my own mind and my own thoughts and feelings and emotions. It really makes that discernment.”

Henry admits that has been the “biggest challenge” of his life, especially when he was growing up. Having to figure out what emotions were his and what emotions belonged to others was “hard enough” when he was going through puberty.

“I grew up in a very conservative, Christian household, area, community. And so, people were not really into what I did,” he said, adding how he did share his gift with peers and teachers. “But, I didn’t understand what I was experiencing. I just shared these little moments of knowingness. People would validate them as being true and then people started really trying to understand, ‘Well, how does he know this?’”

Henry has also dealt with the religious opposition in the debate of mediumship, sharing how “some people think that it’s evil” — an aspect he dealt with quite a great deal with growing up.

“[But] I think it has allowed me to be more resilient and now that I’m in the public eye, I think that gave me a thick skin early on, which I needed doing this work,” he said.

Henry is currently on tour this spring and summer. For more information on the live shows, which are selling out fast, check out his official website for further details.


Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on E!

Photo credit: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images