Travis Scott Shares New Photo of Baby Stormi After Kylie Jenner Deleted Her Social Media Photos

Kylie Jenner may be finished posting photos of her daughter online, but Travis Scott apparently is not.

The 26-year-old rapper shared a photo of himself with baby Stormi Webster on his Instagram Story on Tuesday. The post came just a few days after Jenner deleted nearly every photo of their daughter from her own Instagram, and declared that she would not be posting pictures of her anymore.

(Photo: Instagram @travisscott)

"Gang," Scott wrote over the impromptu snap, which showed Stormi sitting on his lap, wearing a tiny pair of sneaker that matched his own and holding a pink baby toy. The little girl's face was not visible in the picture, but that might not be enough to satisfy Jenner that she is safe.

The 20-year-old mom explained that she had actively decided to keep Stormi off the Internet for a while. After deleting all of her pictures of the youngster, she posted a selfie that Stormi had obviously been cropped out of. When asked why by a fan, she responded in the comments section.

"Yeah I cut my baby out. I'm not sharing photos of my girl right now," she wrote.

On Tuesday, a source told The Sun that online trolls were starting to get to Jenner, and she was starting to take threats against her daughter seriously. After receiving numerous "kidnap threats" through social media, she decided it was best to keep Stormi out of the limelight.

"There have been an increasing number of trolls on social media calling Stormi ugly, and throwing out really horrible insults," the insider said. "It's been really upsetting for Kylie, because also some of the comments are direct threats to kidnap her."

Jenner and the rest of the Kardashian clan receive a constant influx of hate on social media, where they are some of the most followed people in the world. Typically, they don't respond to negativity or insults, and threats roll off their back nearly every day. When it comes to Stormi, however, the situation is becoming much more sensitive.

"Some people have commented saying it's all Kylie's fault because she has exposed her by putting her on social media. The haters have always been there, but just getting way, way worse these last few weeks - and calling out Kylie for being a bad mom," the insider added.

In her young life, Jenner has weathered unsolicited comments on everything, but when it comes to her skills and preparedness as a young mother, she is apparently not ready to face the world's judgement.


"Kylie is terrified - she's stepping up security. She hardly takes Stormi out in public but is now making sure that she's got protection at all times," the source said.