Dean McDermott Spotted Chatting With Police After Tori Spelling 911 Call

Tori Spelling's husband chatted with cops outside their home shortly after a 911 caller reported she was having a breakdown, TMZ reports.

Dean McDermott was seen talking and smiling with two officers outside their Woodland Hills, California home on Thursday after they responded to a call citing a "female [with] mental illness." He was seen shaking hands and appearing to send them on their way, but there was no sign of his 44-year-old wife or their five children.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department told Entertainment Tonight that officers responded to a disturbance call at around 7:15 a.m. at Spelling and McDermott's home, though it was not made immediately clear who made the call. As of 9:15 a.m. PT, officials from the LAPD's Topanga division were still dealing with the incident.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that Spelling was being very aggressive and was going through what one source describes as a "nervous breakdown." Insiders said that while Spelling does not have any weapons, she snapped enough for someone inside the house to call the emergency operator.

Ahead of the disturbance call on Thursday, Spelling herself dialed 911 on Wednesday night after she claimed someone was breaking into her Mulholland Drive house. After a closer look, it was just McDermott returning home, law enforcement sources said.

Earlier on Wednesday, Spelling chatted with Bachelor alum Corinne Olympios while they were appearing on a "Secret's In the Sauce" cooking segment for Facebook Live. The reality personality told TMZ that while she was in the makeup room with Spelling, she expressed some feelings of being a busy, overwhelmed mom of five.

"She had made a joke about how she was sticking around a little longer so her husband could take care of the baby for a little longer," Olympios said. "Maybe she was just feeling stressed out at home, I'm not sure. But she seemed for the most part okay."

In addition to the stresses of motherhood, Spelling and McDermott are in a sticky financial situation as both are being sued for six-figure sums and have faced jail time.

In November, Spelling was sued by City National Bank for failing to pay back $171,149.09 that she withdrew. The couple had also been sued by the same bank for not paying back the full amount of a $400,000 loan they took out in 2010.The bank claimed that the couple owed "an unpaid principle balance in the amount of $185,714.05, plus interest in the amount of $2,407.92 and late charges in the amount of $681.41, for a total of $188,803.38."

Spelling also faced two lawsuits from American Express for owing over $125,000, and they were targeted by the IRS for not paying taxes.


McDermott has recently faced financial battles of his own as his ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace accused him of evading child support payments for their 19-year-old son, Jack. She claims he is a "deadbeat dad" who owes her up to $100,000 in child support and alimony, and while McDermott did not deny his debts, he fired back that his ex is "out for revenge."

Spelling and McDermott have been married since 2006 and have five children together — Finn Davey, Hattie Margaret, Stella Doreen, Liam Aaron and Beau Dean.